Moments I wish we had

My name is Taylor. I'm 19. This is the story if how I left this earth and how I found the love of my life. It started out on a regular rainy day here in Augusta Georgia. That was the day my life changed. The day my grey world turned colorful.


2. First date

"I'm Taylor, by the way." "Louis." "yeah, I know. I'm a big fan" "so, you want to hang out later?" "sure, here's my number" I wrote it down on a napkin and explained I had to get back to work. I was grinning happily now. Suddenly, the drabbiness of Atlanta didn't bother me anymore. I didn't care what my parents said. *five hours later* my phone buzzed. It was an unknown number, probably Louis. I looked at the screen. "hey Taylor, wanna meet me at McDonald's? -Louis" "sure, be there in a sec." I put some sweats on, straightened my hair, and put some natural make up on. "Taylor," my father said sternly, "where are you going?" "out for a walk. I'll be back at eight." "fine, but first-" he pushed me up against the wall, " you not home by eight, your life will be miserable." I gulped. "y-yes dad." "what did I say about eye contact?" I lowered my eyes," s-sorry. Be back soon." I left just as the tears started rolling down my cheeks. I wiped my eyes as I arrived at McDonald's. "Taylor, what's wrong?" "nothing," I smiled, pulling down my sweatshirt sleeves so my scars wouldn't show, "it's complicated. So, what's up?" "well, I was kinda wondering, if you'd like to be my girlfriend..." "yeah! Sure!" "great! So, um, wanna meet the boys?" "sure." we left and started walking down the street.
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