You're One Direction?

Ashley doesn't know who the famous British Irish Boyband is but when she finds out,she is shocked. Will she hate them? or become obsessed?
Read to find out.


1. One Rainy Morning

Ashley’s POV

I looked outside and surely it was raining. What a surprise. I turned to look across the room. My little sister Lily was still sleeping so I made sure not to wake her up. Quietly I went to my desk and turned on the computer that Lily and I shared. I got on my Twitter account and began tweeting. I sat down on the chair and got comfortable

“@Ashley_LynchR5: I just finished watching the new Austin and Ally episode Daters and Diners. I loved it!”

Lily sat up in her bed and went over to the window and finally spoke “Ashley, How long has it been raining?” She asked. I turned to look at her. “All night I suppose. Why don’t we go get something to eat and we’ll go sit on the porch? It’s a lovely view.” I responded and got up from the desk. Just then my phone rang playing “Crazy4U” by R5. I slid my thumb over the screen and then clicked decline on the call. I never answer any unknown calls. It’s dangerous to do so. I started towards the door and opened it. Lily followed me to the kitchen. I went to the refrigerator and got out the milk and orange juice, then some bowls and glasses from the cupboards. Lily reached for the cereal and put it down on the table.

I got a fork and a spoon from the kitchen drawer and gave the fork to Lily. For some silly reason she uses forks for everything, including cereal. It’s weird, but I still love my little sis. We got our breakfast and sat at the kitchen table and began eating. When we were done we went outside and sat on the porch.

“Let’s ask each other some questions.” I suggested, “Let me go first, what is your favourite band?”

“My favourite band would probably be One Direction, yours?” Lily said smiling.

One Direction? Is she making up a name for the band or is it a real band? If so then who are they and where are the from.

“Are you making this up Lily? Or is this One Direction band real?” I asked her. She frowned then shook her head. “No. One Direction is a real British Irish boy band.”

“Oh well. I dunno who they are.” I said waiting for Lily’s reply.

“You’ll know… Because you are going to be going to the town with me and I’ll show you who they are, they’re visiting here, One of them is from here.

With that we got ready and started off for the town

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