Niall Horan love story

Alexa Goforth went to McDonalds for some food but she meets her idol and goes home with more than just food. Hi my name is Alexa this is my first fanfic please comment to help me :)


4. The Hospital

Nialls P.O.V

When I got into my flat I went on twitter. After a few minutes I went back to the home page and saw this " Niall your stupid girlfriend got in an accident now your all mine :)." As soon as I read that I called Alexa's phone. A nurse picked it up and told me where she was. I rushed to the hospital as fast as I could. When I got there I went to the front desk and asked what room she was in." Room 100 floor 1". I ran up there, when I got the room I saw a nurse in there. I asked how she was doing, and the nurse said Alexa broke 3 ribs, and her arm. She said it could have been if the car hit just an inch closer to the drivers side. I asked if she has woken up yet, she said no, and she might not be for a while. I sat there singing and holding on her hand. All I could think about was my beautiful princess is hurt. 2 hours passed before she moved. When she did I shot up and waited. When she opened I was so happy I tried not to cry or shake. She asked where she was. I told her she was in the hospital. " Oh why am I here" I told her she got in an accident. And she could leave in two days. She was very happy to hear that. But then I noticed I didn't know when her birthday was, so I asked her. " September 14" wow a day after me. And in a week too. I went to call the boys after she went to sleep and asked if they would come down and meet her. After about 15 minutes they where at the hospital and Alexa was awake again. When the boys walked in she stared shaking, and I started laughing.

Alexa's P.O.V

I was talking to Niall when One Direction walked in and I started shaking. I think Niall felt me shaking because he started laughing. We all stared at him, and he just stopped. Then we all started laughing. The next two days where a blur but it went by fast and it was really fun too!


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