Niall Horan love story

Alexa Goforth went to McDonalds for some food but she meets her idol and goes home with more than just food. Hi my name is Alexa this is my first fanfic please comment to help me :)


7. Getting ready

I asked him what he was up too. All he said was to dress nice but not to nice, and I have two hours.

Niall's P.O.V

I have it all planed out. I will get ready really fast, then plan a pinc. I had to find food and fast too. I walked to the fridge. I could make her favorite sandwich. Throw some chips in there, a dessert and be done, easy. I had it all together and still had 30 minitues left.

Alexa's P.O.V

I picked out a short blue dress. It was nice but simple. I curled my hair. I added some makeup, even though people all ways tell me I dont need it, I still were it. I put on some pink flats. I had 5 miniutes before my 2 hours are up. I was very nervous.

A/N: how do you guys like it?? Sorry for a short chapter. If you want to be in the story and date one of the other boys. Put your name and who you want to be with. But just expect some plot twist along the way.  :)


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