A little girl gets stolen by her father because her mother and father had a divorce. Now her father is a criminal. One day her mother tells her "you are going to your step sisters house for the weekend" the littles girls mouth drops with surprise. Her mother has a soft light blue rear running down her face.



That night lily and Vanessa was sleeping and the dad got up and took lily and went out side and put her in a whole and lily couldn't get out of the whole. Vanessa got up with shock and called niall and he got to France as fast as he could. They went out to the bush and to the forest they saw a big whole and lily was there and vanessa called the fire barrage and they came and got lily out and the mother came and " are yous ok" the father had a gn and went to shot his family but then the police came and shot him and he had a furnal but the family didn't go. And vanessa came back to the village and they lived hdppily ever after. " the end"
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