Win Me Over

Rain is an 18 year old girl on her last year of school. When she hears her favorite band ,Ond Direction has a contest and who ever wins they would perform at their school. Rain called her friends to tell them the news. Does she win and meet a special guy? Or two?

Please give me a chance at my first book I would love suggestion or tips thank you! If you want to kik me @ artchik Please read it would me a lot to me :)


1. Surprise!

-Rain POV-
I couldn't believe my favorite band would pick a school and sing for them and all we had to do was write a page why we wanted them to come to our school. Of'coarse i wrote three pages, there were so many reasons! I hope I win!
"Rain! Lets go your going to be late for school!" I hear while i'm in the bathroom. "In a minute!" i shout back at my step-mom. I like her but sometimes she gets really annoying. I put on a skirt with butterflys on it and a tee-shirt that says 'Blank Page' I don't know why i like that shirt but its cool, i guess. I run down stairs and get to the bus.

-Louis POV-
I couldn't believe so many people entered our contest! I look through all of the mail we've gotten from all our fans and i picked randomly out of the pile and started reading about a girl named Jenny. I crossed it out of our huge list of names of people who entered. Then i picked up a girl named Rain. What a pretty name! I start to read.

-Rain POV-
"Well i finally finished another day at stupid school" I grumble. I knew no one would care what i say about it its not like anything is going to change for me. I finish my homework and check my e-mail if the manager of One Direction e-mailed me if i won. He didn't. I shouldnt keep my hopes up its not like they will really come to New Hampshire, its so small. All night I text my friends how much i wish 1D came and finally fell asleep at 1:14 am.
When I woke up I put on my favorite purple jean, a green tee-shirt and straighted my hair. I leave to the bus knowing i would just imagine all day like yesterday thinking of One Direction bursting in out of the door singing to me. I wish that happened.
When i got on the bus I sat next to my best friend Ally. We talk until we arived at the school.

During third period , History, I did what i thought i was going to do and I imagined One direction coming through that- wait... Is that...Music? The next thing I know a buff man comes in asking if Rain Walker was in this class. "I-I'm Rain Walker" i studder. He leaves the room and once again i hear music. Then something i could never think of came true! It happened One Direction came to our school! And they were singing! Everyone stands up and sings along and crowding them. In the corner of my eye i see Mr. Spoon sitting in his desk confused. I stand up with the rest of the crowed trying to squeeze and get to the front row. But of'coarse i couldnt pass one single person, so i sat back down humming to the song 'One Thing' that was my favorite song. I sart to work on my homework because i didn't see the point of seeing anything i felt a hand touch my arm. "Are you having fun" i hear but i didn't see the point at looking at him "i guess" i lied, i was having a horrible time! "Well lets change that!" i look up and see Louis holding his hand out for me to grab.

-Louis POV-
She was so lovely and yet she was doing homework? I didn't understand at all. She grabbed my hand smiling so i smiled back. "So love whats your name?" I ask. "Rain" she seemed very....uncomfortable. "What a lovely name!" I pause, "Walker?" she nodded. I smile brightly. "So you are telling me you are the one who gave us a three page letter explaining why I had to come down here and the reason that i'm here and you're not having fun?" She blushed "You read that?" "Of'course!" She smiled but she walked away from me and sat down back to her desk doing her homework. "So we have a stubborn one" I say laughing but she didn't say anything so i shouted at niall "give me a slow song mate!" he nodded and played a slow song on his guitar. "Hey" i say to Rain, she looks up. " You have to dance with me now its a slow song".

-Rain POV-
Once again I see his hand. I wish i would take it but i didn't want to mess up, not on a huge star like him! The only reason I didn't talk was because I would have said something stupid. I take his hand and he puts his hands around my waist and mine around his neck but i didn't look at him."Am I that ugly?" Louis says. I look up at him "No" I smile then he smiles and we danced. "Rain!" I look over and see Ally running up to me smiling, "What?" "You are dancing with Louis!" Louis giggles and we seperate but standing next to eachother. "And?" Ally points at louis "I thought you couldnt dance?" I blush "I cant..." "Then what are you doing?" I blush again, i blush when i'm nervous. Ally notices my embarrassed blush and walks away back into the crowed. I turn back to louis he's still smiling. I thought we were over the moment so i left the room when i feel a tug on my hand. I see Louis, "yes?" "where are you going?" he looked hurt. "I-I" I didn't know where i was going "-I don't know" he smiled at this at pulled me back in the middle of the room. "Lets have a normal conversation!" I didn't know how to respond so for a few seconds there was an akward silence, "I like your jeans" he says and i notice were both wearing purple jeans. I smile, "Thanks i like yours too" I guess he was happy that I was talking because he smiled at me for awhile. It was my turn, "I love your music" "Thankyou we try our best to make our fans happy" " Well its working!" we both laugh. We actually had a long normal conversation, and i learned a lot about him. "Well I don't think you want to hear me babble anymore" I smile and start to walk off when he asked me a surprising question, "Will-will you go out with me?" Why did he sound so nervous? And why did he want to go out with me? I was nothing! Before I could answer him Harry with his beautiful curls came up to Louis and told him they had to go back to the hotel.

-Harry POV-
"Can you get Louis? We have to get back to the hotel" Niall asked me, "sure mate!" I walked over to Louis, "Hey we got a go" Then i saw one of the most beautiful person ive ever seen. I noticed i was staring so i looked down at the floor when i felt a ruff hand on my collar of my shirt and both Louis and I were being pulled by daddy Liam. "Great!" i hear Louis throwing his hands up in the air mad. "Whats wrong?" I say half wanting to know half thinking of the girl. "She was just about to answer me!" I stood confused, wait was he talking about that girl? I hope not. I hate it when we fight over girls but i never fought with Louis. He just got his heart broken by El so before he had a girl of his own. "Whats wrong?" Liam says interupting my thoughts. "I just asked a beautiful girl out named Rain who I was talking to-" Great. We both like the same girl. Perfect. "-I guess I will never know" Wow he was really hurt. I guess he's desperate.
We get in the van running from the fan girls and the cameras. I hate running from my fans but they can get a little crazy...

-Next Day

-Louis POV-
I needed to find her again. I needed to win her over. But how? It was 5:14 am and I only slept 11-3 am so i had a lot of time on my hands to think about Rain. But i still couldnt think of what to do so I got up and got dressed while the sun was slowly waking up. I put on a striped short and my red pants. I saw Harry slowly waking up also so i sat on his bed staring at him. "what do you want?" He asked with a scruffy voice that girls would die to hear which I don't understand. "I have girl problems!" I put on my puppy eyes "Help?" I started to bounce on his bed "Please! Please! Please!" i hear a groan. Harry was clearly annoyed "I don't want to talk about girls" he snapped, what was his problem. "Why?" He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. "Fine i shall go to Liam!" I say dramaticly and leave the room and knock on his door. The time was about 5:38. school started at 7:20 and I wanted to attened, I knew i couldnt but its worth a try!

-Rain POV-
I wore my green Beetles (one of my favorite bands) and some random jeans and went down stairs sleepingly. I see my step mom eating a waffle and a grabbed a piece of bacon as i started walking out the door. I stood at a tree with two marks from a sharpy on the trunk of a tree as i see Ally coming. We made that mark on the tree in 4th grade and when we didn't go on the bus we would wait for each other at the tree and we would walk to school. When ever i'm with my friends i'm the loudest one which is ironic because i'm very quiet during school. I felt no one understood me other than i was a nobody. When we go to the school everyone was sent to the auditorium. Everyone sat down talking to their friends when everyone went silent which was very weird because I knew a lot of people who always talked but not one person whispered a word. Then I realised why. One Direction was on stage waving at everyone. Then the screaming began. I even saw guys excited which was very surprising because they call them selves the tuff and mature kids. I rolled my eyes. Ally was freaking out as usual, she saw Zayn and screamed instintly waving her hands in the air. I tried to calm her but truthfully I was excited too! I love One Direction but no one knew it. Only Ally knew I was a directioner and that is how it was going to stay. Then spot lights appeared and everyone went wild, not because they like spot lights or anything but because Louis walked off the stage and went in to the audience and started walking right to me with that cute smile. It was just Louis voice when he sings the chorus of What Makes You Beautiful. He must have been looking at someone else, we just met...right? But no he came right up to me and grabbed my hand and infront of everyone ,who were silently watching me, and asked the question that made me leap. "Will you go out with me?" I was startled i couldnt say yes I didn't know him but i couldnt say no... "Yes!" I yell and everyone had mixed emotions most were screaming and clapping very loudly.But i could still hear the haters, that was my superpower, saying i was ugly or he shouldnt have picked me, for once I agreed with them but i couldnt say that to a caring, smiling face. He smiled and grabbed my hands when i said yes. What was he doing? Oh great, he was taking me onto the stage were everyone i knew but didn't know me were watching. I tried to stop but he didn't realize i didn't want to get up so i went up frozen in place. He gave me a reassuring face. The funny thing is that i loved the stage. It was like my second home but know one knew that, they thought i was a loner. Which i was but i still loved to act up on stage but this was different, I was on stage with people watching. I walked on stage though in hand with Louis while they sahng to me and the rawring crowd.

-Louis POV-
She said yes...Yes! I grabbed her by hand and got on stage with her i knew she wanted to stay in the crowd but i gave her a hopeful look and she came on.
After the show I was back in hands with Rain. She looked uncertain or...regret. Great she probably didn't want to go out with me but felt pressured because I'm the famous Louis from One Direction. I stopped walking and asked her what was wrong. "Nothing is wrong!" She says with a fake smile, I gave her a stare. "Its just you don't know me and well I feel like you just picked me randomly and you don't care whatever happens to me..." I stopped. " Don't ever say that again. I would care if you were a total stranger to me" She didn't smile and let go of my hand, "I am a total stranger to you.." I saw her walking away and whispered that she was just going for a walk to think everything over. I tried to grab her but Niall stopped me and said he would talk to her. At it wasnt Harry or he would win her over easily.
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