The Unexpected

I'm Talia Brookes. I'm 18 and I live a harsh life. My dad left me and my mom when I was young, then I watched my mom die right beside me, when I was 11. I live alone, in an apartment in New York City. I work at WEEKENDS, a restaurant on the other side of the city. I also work with Charlie, he's kind of like my dad. One day Charlie and I get two new employees, Aimee and Andrea. They're rich, so they must be snotty and stuck-up. The worst part is they always talk about some stupid boy band, One Direction. I hate One Direction, even though I haven't heard a single lyric from any of their songs. One day while the three of us are working, 8 guys walk in. 2 of them come in our direction and the other 6 head for a booth near the window. That's the moment when everything was unexpected and our lives changed forever.


8. Chapter 8

~Talia's P.O.V.~


I saw a man. He was tall, and buff. I couldn't see his face, he was wearing a hoodie. I felt cold wind, brushing against me. My hair was flinging in all different directions to where I looked like Medusa; without the snakes of course. It was pitch black, and we were at a place. It was the place me and mom always went to. It had that same ragged tire swing, the blistering snow, the same old magnolia tree. The roots were sticking out of the ground and then going back in. It didn't have any leaves. They were all fluttered on the ground, some in big piles.


I saw the railing, it was a little broken but sturdy enough to where you could sit on it. I looked back at the man. He was as dark as ever. I was kinda freaked out. I could tell without even seeing his face that I knew him. He lifted his hand up to his head and pulled back the hoodie. It was dad. He wasn't smiling. He was just looking at me, with no expression on his face at all. I tried to open my mouth but nothing came out. He then started to walk away. I tried to run after, but my legs wouldn't move. I wanted to call after him and have him wrap me in a hug. I tried screaming his name. Before I knew it, everything went black.******


I woke up screaming. Thank god Andy or Aimee weren't here because they would have heart failure. I sighed, realizing it was just a dream. I looked at my alarm clock, 7:00 in the freaking morning. I got up to get dressed for work. I put out a white t-shirt with some tan shorts and white flats with little ruffles all around the instep part. I then got in the shower to clean myself off. When I got out I brushed my hair and put it up in a bun. I got on all my clothes, and went downstairs to have some breakfast. I had a bowl of cheerios with an orange, (the only things Niall didn't eat.) I got my bag and headed out to WEEKENDS.(You guys may be wondering why I spell it like WEEKENDS. Well I spell it like that because it is kinda saying that the boss Frank put it like that on the sign and ect.) I opened the door.


Charlie wasn't anywhere in sight. I was worried about him, who knows what he was doing to himself right now. I can't let him hurt himself, it wouldn't be right. But I had no idea where he was, so for now I'm afraid that I can't do anything. I turned the sign to where it now said open instead of closed. I put my bag on a counter in the kitchen and sat on a stool at the bar. I wonder where Aimee and Andy are. It's already kinda lonely in here. After all I'm so used to Charlie being here and all. I ran my fingers through my hair, messing up the bun. I didn't give a crap really. I took my phone out of my pocket. I had a message from Aimee. Hey! Just got home lol, the boys are here and we're planning on staying up all night! Lol, song from their album. Plz understand if we are late, oh and, keep calm and PARTY ON WITH ONE DIRECTION!!! I laughed. It was sent at 11:00 last night. No wonder why their so late. I hope they come in soon, or else I'll be handling a restaurant all by myself. I sighed when the first customers came in. They were jocks again. I rolled my eyes. They were acting like 5 year olds and they had only been in this place for about 3 seconds.


Thankfully, I wasn't harrassed by the jocks and they left, and no one else came in so I was all alone since Aimee and Andy still aren't here yet. I grabbed a magazine out of my bag and sat on the stools along the counter and flipped through the pages, reading the articles.


I almost had a mini heart attack when Aimee, Andy, and the boys came barging through the door laughing histarically making my heart stop and freeze when they walked in. "Why are you guys laughing?" I said trying to catch my breath after falling off the stool and almost breaking my head open.


"Niall farted on a woman's baby and got smacked with her purse." Aimee said laughing. I shook my head. "Why did you fart on a baby Niall?" I asked. "Liam told me I couldn't fart at the table." "So you fart on a baby?" "Yep." I shook my head again and headed to the back kitchen for a drink.


I reached up and I couldn't reach the cup and then I felt muscular arms wrap around my waist. I turned around and I saw Louis behind me smiling cheekily. "Need help love?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded and he reached up and grabbed me a cup and his arms were still around my wasit. I kissed his cheek and instead of accepting my kiss, he kissed my lips. He smiled, but instead I frowned making him frown as well.


I put the cup behind me on the counter and put my hands on his arms which were still around my waist. "Look Louis, I like you a lot. You have no idea how much I like you but, I can't date you. I promised my mom and dad. I'm sorry."

"What, why? I thought you liked me? Were you just playing me?"

"No, of course not!"

"Then why did you act like you liked me?" He went from happiness, to sadness, to frustration and he was now yelling.

"I didn't I really like you, I just can't date you yet."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier, before I fell in love with you?!"

"Louis please don-"

"No Talia! You've kissed me 4 times and every time we kissed, I fell in love with you even more and now I love you with all my heart and you didn't have the decency to tell me earlier before that happened?"

"Because I didn't think we'd fall in love Lou!"

"Are you kidding me? Everyone knew I loved you the moment we met, I've been getting teased and everything because everyone knew but you. Wow. Just wow."

"I'm sorry if I didn't know you were in love with me."

"And I'm sorry I fell in love with you!"

"Me too! Why did you fall in love with me Lou?!" I was now sobbing, and Louis was crying, too.

"Because! Your everything I've wanted in a girl. Beautiful, smart, good sense of humor, funny, cheeky."

"Oh yeah, right. I bet you said that to all your other girlfriends."

"Actually, I didn't. I've never said that to anyone. Why can't you see that I love you?!"

"Because, I promised my mom and dad. I can't break my promise."

"Your mom and dad? Talia they're probably dead. You can't keep a promise if they're dead."

"I can't believe you said that to me?! I hate you. I never want to see you, or anyone ever again. I'm going to leave you guys and see my mom and dad now. Bye." And with that, I ran out of the restaurant, soaked in tears and my heart was aching. Why would Louis say that? I trusted him, I knew that if I told him about my parents he wouldn't take that for granted and use it against me. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him. I hoped he would understand and help me through this, but instead he did the exact opposite. I don't care anymore. I don't care about Louis. Aimee. Andy. Charlie. Or the boys. All I want is to see my mom and dad again. Dead or alive.


~Louis's POV~


"Your mom and dad? Talia they're probably dead. You can't keep a promise if they're dead." Oh my gosh. I can't believe I said that to Talia. She trusted me, and I probably made her wish she were dead too. What would you do if someone said your dead parents were dead? Wish you were dead right,?


"I can't believe you said that to me?! I hate you. I never want to see you, or anyone ever again. I'm going to leave you guys and see my mom and dad now. Bye." And with that, she ran out and left in the dark distance. Everyone looked at me and an 'explain' face and I shook my head and wiped away my many tears and walked to my car to look for Talia.


"I'm going to leave you guys and see my mom and dad again. Bye." Her words kept replaying in my head. Her mom and dad are dead. She wants to leave us. Go see her dead mom and dad again. I'm not an expert at this, but I think she is trying to kill herself. But no, I can't loose the girl I love. And now that she knows I love her, I just can't loose her.


I searched everywhere and she was no where to be found. I recieved lots of texts from everyone asking where I was, what happened, blah, blah, blah. Top priorority: find Talia and stop herself from hurting herself, or worse killing herself. I couldn't live with myself knowing I'm the reason the love of my life killed herself.


~Talia's POV~


I ran as fast as I can in a different direction. I didn't want them finding me. I wanted to get a shovel, dig an endless pit into the earth, and climb into it, shutting it and rot in there without anyone finding me. I've wanted to die since my mom died and my dad left, but when Louis said that, it made me realize how much more I don't deserve to live and there is no reason to live. Why would you need to live when your mom is dead, your dad is gone and probably dead as well, and you can't be with the boy you love?


I ran to the abandoned park behind the movie theaters that went out of business. It wasn't really a park. If you call an old tire tied to a string hanging from a dead magnolia tree a park, that can be your definition of a park.


I sat down on the tire, and cried replaying mine and Louis's fight. I erased the terrible memory out of my head and started thinking about my mom. When everyone came to this park for picnics, family parties, soccer games, walks, it was really nice. The magnolia tree was big and brightly pink and it was beautiful and the whole park was filled with magnolia tree's. People decided to cut them down except for this one because there's a tire on it. People decided not to come here for some unknown reason anymore and my mom and I only came here until she died.


I would always sit on the tire and my mom would push me high.



"High mommy!" I yelled giggling on the tire.


"Ok baby, ready?" I nodded and giggled as she pushed me high on the tire swing. My giggles would make her laugh as well, and we could pretty much stay at this park all day long.


"Higher!" She pushed me higher and higher, the ground got lower and lower. My mom's phone was ringing, and she walked away to answer the call leaving me on the tire swinging high, back and forth.


She didn't come back, and I thought she left me. The tire was still swinging high. It felt like every time it swung back and forth, it got higher. I jumped off the swing, hoping to be held in my mother's arms as she caught me but no. She wasn't there, and I fell on the cold hard concrete. I screamed in pain. I felt like no one was coming to hep me. Like I was all alone. I soon felt the warm comforting of my mother's hugs and she kissed me head, stroking my hair and she swayed as she held me in her warmness. She softly sang my favorite lullaby in my ear and I was soon asleep. She always knew how to make you feel better when you get hurt or upset.




I cried, thinking about how she would always make me feel better with her hugs and soft singing. I cried and cried for hours, silently of course. I didn't want someone to find me. That's if someone was even looking for me. I doubt it though, they don't even care about me. Who would? My mom and dad are dead, Charlie is who-knows-where, and my friends could care less where I am. I just wanted to end it all, right now, with anything. I wiped the sea of tears coming from my eyes. I started to swing slowly and gently. I looked around the park, nothing. I noticed a sharp stick on the ground.


It was sharp and jagged with strips of broken-off wood. I stopped swinging, and stared at it. I got up and walked over to it with even more tears streaming down my face. I picked it up, examining it. I had an idea. I wanted to end my life. To actually see my mom and dad. I put it up to my stomach and closed my eyes tight. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath. Goodbye world. I thought. I took a good look around, and then, I did it. I shoved the stick inside my stomach. My shirt was blood-stained. I fell on the ground, and slowly pulled out the stick. I was in great pain, and blood was surrounding me. I grabbed the earth around me trying to deal with the pain. I clenched the grass tearing it up from the ground. I looked around at the world that I just lost, still crying. Then everything went black; just after I heard a scream.








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