The Unexpected

I'm Talia Brookes. I'm 18 and I live a harsh life. My dad left me and my mom when I was young, then I watched my mom die right beside me, when I was 11. I live alone, in an apartment in New York City. I work at WEEKENDS, a restaurant on the other side of the city. I also work with Charlie, he's kind of like my dad. One day Charlie and I get two new employees, Aimee and Andrea. They're rich, so they must be snotty and stuck-up. The worst part is they always talk about some stupid boy band, One Direction. I hate One Direction, even though I haven't heard a single lyric from any of their songs. One day while the three of us are working, 8 guys walk in. 2 of them come in our direction and the other 6 head for a booth near the window. That's the moment when everything was unexpected and our lives changed forever.


6. Chapter 6

~Talia's POV~


After settling down a bit, (and waiting for Niall to stop stuffing himself with junk that will make him fat with rolls when he's older,) we all settled on the couch and decided which movie to watch. 


"So, 80's, 90's, what kind of movie? I have any movie you could think of." I said looking through my movie choices that were put up into a paisley designed box. Well, more like 4. I have lots of movies. It had a different design than the other box that held my photos. The one with my photos had a nice blue, ocean like theme with pretty, little green flowers. The one that held my movies had a salmon color, with black swirls.


"Let's watch Love Actually. It's my favorite." Of course, Harry, known as the cheeky-flirtatious-everyone-loves-me-because-I-can-make-people-pass-out-just-by-flipping-my-beautiful-curls, would pick a romance movie that always makes me cry. But hey, I have nothing against curly.


I put the movie in, and made caramel popcorn for everyone. Caramel popcorn is my favorite, I could live on caramel popcorn but unfortunately, I'm not like Niall as I don't eat junk food consisting of Pringles, Snack Mix, Doritoes, Potato Chips, (sometimes real potatoes), popcorn, Nutella, ice cream, ect. (according to the twitcams Aimee and Andy show me, and the actual Niall Horan eating out of my mini fridge, that's what I've seen him eat.)


I sat between Louis (oh god yes) and Aimee. It was Liam, Niall, Aimee, Harry, Louis, me, Andy, and Zayn. But not everyone could fit on my pee-wee sized couch, so Andy and Zayn sat on the love seat. 


As the movie went on, I felt tired so I rested my head on Aimee's shoulder, and she nudged my head so that I was now sleeping on Louis's shoulder. That sneaky girl. But hey, I'm not going to say what she did made me mad. In her head she was probably think, she better thank me later for this. I sure will, Andy.

~Next Day~

~Talia's POV~


I woke up on someone's shoulder. I looked up to see it was Louis's. I got up and shifted myself. I didn't want a celebrity to think I was hitting on him, besides my life is too busy anyway. No one was up, it was just me and a quiet house.It was really cold for some reason. I shivered and got up. The wodden floor was cold, and it felt as if I was standing on a piece of ice. I walked over to the window. To my surprise it was snowing.


"Winter" I mumbled while smiling. I went over to my mini fridge to see if I had anything to make. I didn't have work because today was Sunday. It was odd because the restaurants name is WEEKENDS and it's the weekend. I shrugged at that thought. I opened the mini fridge, we didn't have much (thanks Niall). I closed it and decided that we could go out to breakfast. I went up to my room to put something warm on. I put on a blue sweater with a hoodie, skinny jeans, and brown boots that were furry at the top and had little hanging fuzz-balls.


I brushed all the knots out of my hair so that it was straight like always. I then went downstairs to see everyone still asleep. I didn't know how to awake them, and from the video's Andy and Aimee showed me I think they would be ticked if I woke them up unexpectedly. I then remembered my alarm clock. I ran back upstairs to grab it. I then ran downstairs to set it. It was 8:45 so I set it for 8:46. I got on my knees in front of them and waited for the alarm clock to start ringing. "3,2,1.." I said. Then the alarm clock went off. DIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG! DIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG! Everyone jumped or nearly had a heart attack.


I turned it off and put it on the table. I then smiled at them. "That was a good wake-up call!" I said. I tried not to laugh at their faces. "You woke us up? Grrrrrr," Aimee said. Someone is not a big morning person. I thought. "Ugh, 5 more minutes mom!" Harry said,,, or was he joking?? I rolled my eyes. "Get off your lazy butts guys, I thought we could go out for breakfast this morning since someone, a.k.a. Niall ate everything." Niall grumbled something. I sighed. These guys were not morning people, and to be honest I wasn't. I really wanted to go out so I can maybe spot my dad. I can spot him from 1,000,000 miles away if he hasn't changed anything about himself. I needed to find him.....I need to tell him about mom. Tell dad I love him. That sentence went through my head all the time. He needed to know those words, no matter what. I especially needed to here him say 'I love you Talia' because it's not easy. Going around town was going to help me a little bit, even if he is probably still in Florida. I want him in my life.


Eventually everyone got up and got dressed. Well the boys had to go to their place to get dressed while Andy and Aimee just borrowed my clothes. "Harry said for us to meet them at their place, they're gonna drive us." Aimee said. (A bit too excitedly...).I nodded and we started off towards their house. Turns out they lived right across from WEEKENDS. "Hey guys, tell them I'll be right back, I'm just gonna go check on WEEKENDS." They nodded and I started off. I used the spare key that we hid in the big plant outside the door to get in.


I opened it up, it was not what I was expecting. I expected it to be just how it was, some cracks here and there, a messy bar like always, and plates piled up. But no, it was much worse. The place was wrecked, there were smashed plates and glasses everywhere, stools were knocked all around, the booths were tore up, the kitchen was a mess, with a sing flooding the place and a stove on fire. All the flooded water was flowing out of the door. It had made a little crowd of 8 or 10 people. I ran through the water to turn the sink off. It wouldn't budge though. The water was flowing in, and the handle wouldn't turn. I tried, but it just got me soaked. I looked like I had been in a pool for a hour. Then I heard someone run in. It was Louis. "What happened?!" He shouted while rushing over to me.


"I came here and it was like this!" I said still trying to turn off the water. He tried to help, but we both just got soaked. I was trying but I slipped and fell into Louis's arms. Apparently we were close so when I fell into his arms we accidentally kissed. I realized what was happening and pulled away quickly. "S...Sorry Lou,,, I accidentally fell." I said while turning bright red and rubbing my arm. "It's okay love, you just stumbled into me, it...meant nothing." I faked smiled. Proves he doesn't like me. Then the others came in.


"Are you guys okay?!" Aimee yelled running towards us. She saw the water faucet, water pouring down and into the sink filled with water and pouring onto the already soaked floors like a waterfall. She turned the knob and to my surprise, it turned off. Wow, I feel like a weenie. But, I guess Louis should feel worse. "I loosened it." He mumbled. 


"Yeah, were fine." I said, avoiding eye contact with Louis. Everything was just so,, awkward now.


~Louis's POV~


It was taking Talia quite a long time to return back to the gang, so I checked on her to see if she was okay. I opened the door expecting to see Talia inspecting the restaurant, in perfect condition. But no, I saw her soaked trying to turn the water off, and the place was a mess! I could have sworn there was a mini earthquake in the restaurant. Was Talia swimming or showering? 


"What happened?!" I said running over to Talia. "I came here and it was like this!"  She shouted. She kept trying to turn off the water but the handle on the faucet was broken or something. I tried to turn it off too, expecting to turn it off easily but oh my carrots. The handle was hard to twist. I felt like a weenie.


We just got soaked, looking as if we were swimming together (which I thought to myself, would be a blast). But then, it got better. She tried really hard, so hard, her face was as red as a fire truck. But then, she slipped on the soaked floors and fell into my arms and we were so close, our lips touched and we were kissing. 


I was shocked at first as much as Talia was, and as she realized what was happening, she pulled away blushing like crazy. "S...sorry Lou. I accidentally fell." She said blushing crazily, rubbing her arm. "It's okay love, you just stumbled into me, it...meant nothing." I said. Lie. All a big fat lie. That was the best kiss ever, nothing I ever felt with my previous ex's. It felt like we were meant to be. 


Then the rest of the gang came in, just as surprised as I was. "Are you guys okay?!" Aimee yelled rushing to us. I was still soaked, my pants were very tight and uncomfortable. My shoes sloshed, and my hair was stuck to my sticky face. Aimee ran to the sink and after struggling a bit like Talia and I, she finally twisted it all the way making the water stop. Jeez, the owner is going to have a high water-bill this month.


"I loosened it." I mumbled. I felt like a weak, weenie (if it wasn't mentioned before,). Talia probably thought I was a weak loser. It sure felt like it.


~Talia's POV~


We all headed back to the car, and headed to my place in silence. I drove, while Louis was all the way in the back seat, probably avoiding me as well. When we got to my place, I showered and then let Louis shower and put his clothes (striped shirt and red jeans, did you really have to guess?), in the dryer and I put on new clothes on as well.


Once the dryer beeped, signalling that Louis's clothes were dry, I got up and took his clothes out of the dryer and handed them to him. "Thanks." He said still avoiding eye contact with me! "Louis, can we talk. Please?" He nodded and he followed me into my room. 


"What's going on Lou?" I asked shutting my door, being as quiet as possible so no one would hear our conversation. "What do you mean?" He asked playing dumb. "After we kissed, you act like I barely exist. I realize it was awkward and everything but still. I already know you don't like me and ignoring me is just-" I stopped talking. Not because Louis walked away. Not because I walked away. He interrupted me by kissing me. 




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