The Unexpected

I'm Talia Brookes. I'm 18 and I live a harsh life. My dad left me and my mom when I was young, then I watched my mom die right beside me, when I was 11. I live alone, in an apartment in New York City. I work at WEEKENDS, a restaurant on the other side of the city. I also work with Charlie, he's kind of like my dad. One day Charlie and I get two new employees, Aimee and Andrea. They're rich, so they must be snotty and stuck-up. The worst part is they always talk about some stupid boy band, One Direction. I hate One Direction, even though I haven't heard a single lyric from any of their songs. One day while the three of us are working, 8 guys walk in. 2 of them come in our direction and the other 6 head for a booth near the window. That's the moment when everything was unexpected and our lives changed forever.


5. Chapter 5

~ Talia's POV ~


I was in the kitchen and Louis was wiping my eye. He had a gentle touch, and kept me talking the whole time. "So Talia, you from around here?" "No, I'm from Florida, just moved here a year ago. Your from England right?" " Yep, born and raised there." "Cool, you know, I've always been jealous of how you say water bottle so fancy." I smiled. "Really? That's interesting, oh and one more thing, WATER BOTTLE!" We both laughed.


I just kept smiling like a complete idiot the whole time. "Ok! Your all finished love!" Louis gave me a small mirror that Zayn had lent him. I looked at it, you could still see a small scar, but in other words, it was invisible. "Thanks Louis." I put the mirror back on the counter. "Lou? Hmmm, I actually like that." We both giggled. To be honest, I kinda over judged them. They were already sweet, and kind, and one just helped me with a cut under my eye. I put my hair back behind my ear while staring down. I could sense him looking at me.


I started playing with my fingers, unsure what to say. "Um, we should probably get back to the others now, got to see how their doing." I said. His smile kind of faded, but he just said, "sure, come on." He took my hand and lead me out to the others. "Wow! You can barley tell!" Andy said coming up for a better look. "Will this leave a scar forever?" I asked running my fingers over it. It felt like a little bump on my skin. I didn't want it to be a scar, it will remind Charlie and he will just keep hurting himself. I wish mom, or even dad was here. They always seemed to know what to do. I remember when we first started saying that mom always knew everything. I was young, but still, I remembered,


"Ok, now we have to hurry because it's your first day of pre-k!" My mom said while zipping up my coat. I was 4 and starting pre-k. I smiled. "When we goa?" I asked. I had terrible speech, mom tried her best then to get me to speak better. "Now honey, remember what we said about pronouncing things." I got a breath. "When w,,,e... we,,,,,,..... g...g..g..goa?" I said. She sighed and looked down. I knew I had upset her.


I looked down too. "Nevermind, we'll fix that later." I smiled, then dad came downstairs, all excited. "My baby is starting pre-k!" He lifted me up and hugged me while spinning me in circles. I laughed. Mom laughed with a gleam in her eyes like always.


"Ok! Now let me go get your bag!" Mom ran upstairs. Dad had a grin on his face. "Wha it is daddy?" I asked. He gave me a stern face. I knew what he meant and took a breath. "W...wha... isss... i...t....daddy?" He gave me a sad face and sighed. I knew my speech was terrible, but I was 4! What could I do? He shook his head and smiled. "Nevermind that, lets just think about how today is your first day of school!" He sat me on the couch, pulling my hair behind my ear. He smiled. I remember how he always had that smell, it was cologne or something. Whatever it was I loved it.


"Ok, now be good, don't talk to strangers, (ect to save time.) Now remember, be nice, even if someone is mean to you, and if you have any problems then mom and I will always be there, no matter what." I smiled and hugged him. "You pwomise? You will alvays be thear?" I asked. He gave me the look again. "You... p..w..pwr..." I was cut off by dad sighing. He ran his fingers through his hair. "Your my pumkin, you know that right?" I was about to say 'yes' but it would just come out 'as 'wes'. I didn't want to dissapiont him any more, so instead I nodded my head.


"Good, now make mommy and daddy proud by fixing your speech ok?" I didn't know what to do, so I just stared at him. I can't help my speech, it's terrible but at least I understood what I was saying. Right? I started playing with my fingers. Mom came downstairs and started packing me up for the bus. "Ok now she needs this, this, her teacher said to bring in these, oh! I almost forgot this, this, this, this, (you get it)" Daddy nudged me. "Mommy is going through that faze, she acts all crazy on the first day of school, and she knows everything." I laughed. "Se does know evwything." I said while laughing. Dad kinda put on the look, but it was cut off by him laughing. Mom gave us a weird look.


"What are you two going on and on about?" She placed her hands on her hips. "Hahahahaha! Mommy you know evwthing! It make daddy and me laugh!" I said while still laughing. She smiled. But I could tell on the inside she was mad at my speech. She just laughed. "Hahaha, I guess your right, I know everything! JEALOUS YET?!" That just made us all laugh. Sooner or later we were curled up in a ball on the couch laughing like crazy. Dad smiled and pulled my hair behind my ear. I had his same blonde hair and green eyes then too. "Now your going to be late, so lets go to the bus stop while mommy goes to work since she officailly knows EVERYTHING" I giggled, as he hugged me. I still remember the scent of his cologne. 



I was shocked back into reality. "Did you hear me? I said probably yes but a chance of no." Andy said. "Oh, sorry I was just thinking about something. Never mind." I put my hands in my pockets and bit my lip. I started going over the flashback. I remember how he never said that he promised to never leave, what it he never answered my question, on purpose? I don't know, I'm just so confused. He left, I cried, my mom died, no one wanted me but Charlie and he just slapped me and ran away. I'm so freaking confused. "So, what now?" Aimee asked.


I thought, and then had the perfect idea. It was kind of a secret place for me and my mom. I would just go there by myself sometimes, I don't know if I should bring them. Mom probably wouldn't want me to anyway. "We could go to my place, we seem like good friends, but my apartment is small so you would have to go back to your house or sleep wherever you can find an empty space." I said. I shrugged questioning my own opinion. They shrugged too. "Sure, I've never been to your house, guess this would be a good time to." Aimee said while smiling. They all nodded. I smiled.


We were almost there, it was just ahead of us. I could even see the number on the door. "We're almost there guys." I said. I was in the lead since they all didn't know where I lived. I went ahead and took the keys out of my pocket while running up to the door. I unlocked it and let everyone in. "Nice place, small, but nice." Andy said smiling. I giggled to myself. "MINI FRIDGE!" Niall shouted while running over to my mini fridge snatching it open and taking every possible sweet in there. He began digging through it like an ape. Unusual,,. I thought.


"Hey Taila, is this your mother and father?" I heard Andy ask. I turned in her direction to see she had taken the picture off the wall. It was on the kitchen island and everyone was looking at it. I walked over to it. I smiled when I saw it. It was a picture of my mom and dad and me for family picture day. I was about 4 I think. 1 week after my first day of school. I was on mom's lap, and dad was snuggled up against us. Mom had the same gleam in her eye. The background was blue, and the picture was angled up high so pretty much only the very top of my head to halfway down my neck showed. Dad was wearing a white t-shirt with a black tie, mom was wearing a navy blue shirt with a light pink leather coat. I didn't know what I was wearing because the picture was so high, only thing I saw was a small yellow barrette. My hair was down, and I could tell mom used some make-up to rosy up my cheeks. My teeth were out all wide, showing every single one. I laughed inside my head.


"Ya, I remember this picture. I was 4, this was our yearly family picture day." I ran my fingers over the edge of the frame, feeling every little dent, bump, or design. I saw everybody smiling, their eyes pointed to me at the picture. "Ha, nice teeth, I guess you wanted everyone to know that." Liam said. Everyone laughed or giggled to themselves. I took the picture by the frame and put it back up on the wall. "Wow, you talk about your parents like they were the whole world, I wish my parents were that special." Aimee said smiling. "They were my whole world Aimee, they were my everything, and I lost them just like that. It's like I was holding onto a stick of butter, and then tried to pick up my car keys. They just fell." I wiped some tears away from my eyes still looking at the picture.


I wish I knew where you were right now. I thought you cared about me, but I guess I thought wrong. You left me, mom, she freaking died! I can't even look at a photo without breaking into tears! This is your fault, if you were here I would be happy, even without mom. So thanks for saying you even freaking cared. I thought. I'm so mad I want to burst into tears and just run and never ever stop. I felt someone's hand on my back, softly patting it. It was Louis. "It's okay love, I don't know what happened to your parents but whatever it was we'll help you through it." I smiled. That was exactly what I needed to hear right now.

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