The Unexpected

I'm Talia Brookes. I'm 18 and I live a harsh life. My dad left me and my mom when I was young, then I watched my mom die right beside me, when I was 11. I live alone, in an apartment in New York City. I work at WEEKENDS, a restaurant on the other side of the city. I also work with Charlie, he's kind of like my dad. One day Charlie and I get two new employees, Aimee and Andrea. They're rich, so they must be snotty and stuck-up. The worst part is they always talk about some stupid boy band, One Direction. I hate One Direction, even though I haven't heard a single lyric from any of their songs. One day while the three of us are working, 8 guys walk in. 2 of them come in our direction and the other 6 head for a booth near the window. That's the moment when everything was unexpected and our lives changed forever.


4. Chapter 4

~Talia's POV~


The rest of the day, Aimme, Andy, and I all talked and occasionally we would take people's orders. We only have known each other since yesterday, and we're already acting like sisters. I know them more than I ever known anyone. We even share personal stuff. I told them everything that happened when I was young. Aimee fully explained the whole thing about Dakota's girlfriend and even Andy explained lots of personal stuff about her life at home.


It was getting dark, and we all exchanged numbers and hugged, and went home. When I got home to my tiny apartment, I showered and put on a batman shirt with yellow sweats. I made some caramel popcorn, and popped in Disaster Movie...This movie is so stupid yet so hilarious. 


My IPhone buzzed and I got a text from Aimee.

From: Taco Princess: Hey, I'm really sad..Andy's over wanna come?

To: Taco Princess: Yeah sure, address?

From: Taco Princess: 71 Hollylane Dr.

To: Taco Princess: Be there in 5 Taco.

I jumped off the couch and ran out of the apartment building and pretty much ran to Aimee's. I knocked hard on the door and Andy opened the door and she was silent crying. "Why are you crying?!" I looked past Andy to hear sobbing noises and I saw Aimee in a bawl, crying in a corner. 


Andy stepped aside, and I ran to Aimee and crouched by her and held her tightly in my arms. "What's wrong with her?" I asked Andy. "Her....she...Mi..her brother died." She said. Aimme's sobs grew louder and a could feel the wetness of her tears on my batman shirt. 


"How?" "He was taking Melohdi for a walk and someone ran him over." I rubbed circles in Aimee's back and soon I started tearing up. I knew exactly how she felt. This is how I felt when I watched my mom die, right before my eyes. I was walking to my volleyball game. My mom said she was going to meet me there. I was about to walk through the doors, then I got a call and it was my mom's doctor saying she is at the hospital. He said she has had cancer for 5 years. I was so sad that my mom didn't even tell me. I ran to the hospital and I sat next to her, and her last words were, I'm sorry..Tell dad I love him. That's why I've always looked for him-that and I miss him and I have no one else. Not anymore, I have Aimee and Andy.


"Shhhhh. It's okay love. Were here for you." We managed to calm Aimee down, and we all got in our pj's and watched funny movies. After today, these girls are already my sisters that I've always wanted. Andy and I decided to spend the night at Aimee's in case she got sad again, and the rest of her family are on their way home from a family trip. 



We all woke up, and went downstairs. With her amazing cooking skills, Aimee made us pancakes, bacon, and fruit with fresh squeezed-orange juice. Andy drove me home since I didn't have a car, so we could leave and let Aimee get ready for work as ourselves. 


Once I got home, got dressed into my work clothes, and texted Andy I'm ready to be picked up. She was going to drive Aimee and I to work today. Once we arrived, Charlie was surprisingly there. 


"Morning girls." He said all peppy. "Morning Charlie!" We chorused. Like every other day, there really wasn't much customers. Us three just played cards, acting like we weren't at work. 


It soon grew late, when the motorcycle gangs start to flood the place. We decided to stay in the employee only area and let Charlie handle the gang. After all, what would a motorcycle gang want to do with a 45-year old? Nothing. But 3 17-18 year olds? Oh boy, only one can imagine..


That's when 8 guys walked in. 2 sat at the bar, and the other 6 took a booth. "Okay guys, since it's your first time I'll take the 6, you take the 2. It will be easy, just ask them what they want, besides they do most of the talking anyway." I smiled and then walked over to get my notepad off the one table. I picked it up and started walking towards the 6 guys. The 2 wolf-whistled at me when I walked by but I just ignored them.


Wolf-whistle all you want creeps. I thought. I was nervous, I know I'm crazy but I was to be honest. Every time that freaking clock hit 8:00 I felt as if I was about to die. I would get items smashed on me, get in the middle of a wasted fight, be tripped, wolf-whistled at, ect. I looked back at Aimee and Andy, they looked as if they were about to die. But they weren't dying with the 2 customers, they were looking like they were dying over the 6 guys. Weird. I shook my head and started to speed up. I got to their table and smiled. They smiled back. "Well hi, I'm your waitress for tonight, would you like anything to order? Our special maybe?" I asked in my sweetest tone. They all took their orders. I thanked them and started walking towards the kitchen.


I didn't want to bother Charlie, he was working with wrestlers in black vests. Then a hand stopped me. I looked up, it was one of the 2 guys who sat at the bar. He had blonde surfer dude hair, and blue eyes. "Ummm, your problem sir?" I asked. "Nothing." He said. He put on an evil grin. What the freaking heck? What does this freak want with me?  I thought. I saw Aimee and Andy pinned against the wall by the other one. "Hey, whats going on here?!" I slapped his hand away and started to back up. I backed up all the way to the wall by the end of the bar. He kept coming closer and closer. "CHARLIE!!!!" I screamed. My screamed caused the 6 guys to have their attention to me and the surfer dude. He pinned me up.


"Hey Rick, we got a bratty one over here!" He shouted to his bud, so called Rick. "Sooo, you from around here?" He asked. I wanted to strangle him. Who the heck does he think he is? I wasn't bratty, I was PINNED UP AGAINST A WALL BY A FREAKING RETARDO!!!! "Listen, snob, get your hands off me or I'll chew them off." I snapped. He raised his eyebrows. "Hmm, does getting my hands off you mean I get a kiss?" I rolled my eyes. Seriously, he was gonna make me puke. I then had a brilliant idea. I smiled all play-like and wrapped my hands around his neck. "You want a kiss handsome?" I asked. Boy was he in for a surprise...


"Now your getting there." He smiled and started leaning in. I pretended to lean in too, then with all my might I kicked him right in his...uh.. 'area'. He fell on the floor to his knees moaning. I was about to laugh until I saw Charlie 5 feet away from me. He looked like he was about to strangle someone. "WHY did you just kick our customer?!" He yelled. He started helping the guy to his feet. "Charlie! I kicked him because he pinned me up against a wall and said he wanted to kiss!!" I yelled. I then got scared, Charlie was holding a knife. He must have come out of the kitchen. "You have no proof! Say sorry!" Charlie got up to face me. I shook my head. "NEVER! Not to a snob like him!"


Rick got the surfer dude out of the way and Aimee and Andy were behind the bar just watching. "Say your sorry or I'll tell Frank!" I have never seen Charlie so angry, what was his problem? "No!!! Charlie this job is the only thing I freaking have! Please don't tell Frank! I'll say sorry!" I started crying. I needed this job. "No! I'm gonna tell Frank! So shut up!!" He hollered at me. This was so not him, what was wrong with him? "Charlie wait!" I went to grab his shoulder until I was on the floor. Under my eye was in pain. I felt it with my hand to see blood. I then realized what just happened. Charlie slapped me, and with the hand that was holding the knife. Aimee and Andy jumped, and all the 6 guys stood up, a couple feet away. I moaned and sat up, in disbelief. Charlie has never slapped me, ever. Andy helped me up to my feet, Charlie just stared. He looked like he was in shock.


He dropped the knife and backed up with his hands over his mouth. "Oh my god,,, I can't believe I just did that." Charlie said. He shook his head. "It's okay Charlie, you were just mad. I'm fine, honest." I lied. I can't believe my own stepfather just slapped me. He slumped to the floor, staring at his feet. He then ran out. "Charlie wait please!" I yelled. I started to run after him until someone's hands were around my waist. I swear if it's the surfer dude I'm going to strangle him. I turned around, ready. But it wasn't the surfer dude. This guy was wearing stripes. "Love, he just slapped you. You can't run after him." He said. I could tell he had a British accent.


"He's my stepfather. I know him, when he does something he terribly regrets, he tries to hurt himself. I can't let him do that." I got out of the British guy's grip, and ran out of the restaurant. I looked everywhere he could possibly be. His house, my apartment, other restaurants, the subway, he was nowhere. I called the police and reported him missing. They immediately started looking for him and I went back to WEEKENDS to see of Aimee and Andy were still there. 


I walked through the doors and everyone was gone except Aimee, Andy, the guy I saw earlier, and 4 other boys. Aimee and Andy noticed me and got up and walked over to me and hugged me. 


"Are you okay? We've been worried sick." Aimee whispered. I nodded and turned my attention to the 5 boys sitting it the booth. The other guy that was with them earlier left. He looked old, maybe one of their fathers? "Who are those people?" I asked. "Oh my gosh you don't know who they are?!" Andy practically yelled. I shook my head and raised my eyebrows. 


Wait a second. I would recognize them a mile away. Well, that's if I were crazy about them like Aimee and Andy. They're One Direction. I recognize the stripes, the curls, the muscular tan skin, the blonde hair, the beautiful brown eyes. Sure they're gorgeous on tv, but in real life...Yum. 


"Yeah I think I do know them. One Direction right?" They both nodded their heads giving me the duh face. They smiled and waved at me. I smiled widely and shook my hand in a retarded way. "Boys, this is Talia. Talia, this is Louis, Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam." "Hi." I said shyly. "Hello love." Louis said. 


~Aimee's POV~


Everything happened so quickly. First thing, Andy and I were taking two dude's orders, next thing I know Charlie slapped Talia making her bleed and chase after him, running out of the restaurant. 


Andy and I were about to chase Talia out of the restaurant, until someone was gripping my wrist. I turned around to see a mop of curly hair, and green emerald eyes. Oh my freaking gosh. This whole time, I was focused on Talia and what was happening that I didn't realize until now, that One Direction was in WEEKENDS, and Harry Edward Styles is touching me.


My mind was set back into reality when I heard a hot, husky, British accent awakening me from my own world. "Excuse me?" I said. "I said, where are you going?" He asked. "My friend...she...r...ran...oh my gosh I'm so sorry." I said mentally face-palming myself. 


"For what love?" He asked, chuckling. "For fan girling. This may sound stupid but right now, I'm totally dying on the inside." I replied. Smooth one Aimee. You probably just said the stupidest thing a human being could ever say. "No, that's alright. Many girls would love to be in your position, you know. Harry Styles from One Direction talking to you, holding your wrist. That doesn't happen to just any girl, you know."


"I know. That's why I'm dying in the inside." Really? Again?! This time I really face-palmed myself, making me look stupider than I already made myself appear. After saying something stupid for the SECOND time, and face-palming yourself, in front of the one and only Harry Styles, you would expect him to shake his head and walk away thinking he made a big mistake by talking to you. But no; not in my case. After making a fool of myself in front of Harry Styles (just in case I didn't make myself clear,) he just laughed and looked at me amused. 


"Why aren't you walking away? I'm clearly acting like a crazy, stupid fan." I said, looking down. He lifted my chin and looked me in my green eyes and said, "because your not a crazy, stupid fan. You seem like a really great girl and I would love to get to know you better. Would you mind if I asked for you and your friend to sit with me and the lads?" 


"Not at all." I replied, looking down trying to hide myself blushing. I followed Harry to the booth him and the boys were at, and saw Andy already there smiling and talking to the boys. We sat and talked about ourselves, like we did when Andy and I told Talia about ourselves. We basically explained the same thing, and soon we were bonding really good with the boys and we were laughing at a really funny story Niall was telling us about him knocking Louis out because Louis stole Niall's cake. It felt like having a conversation with your older sister, and 5 older brothers or best friends. Then Talia came in.

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