The Unexpected

I'm Talia Brookes. I'm 18 and I live a harsh life. My dad left me and my mom when I was young, then I watched my mom die right beside me, when I was 11. I live alone, in an apartment in New York City. I work at WEEKENDS, a restaurant on the other side of the city. I also work with Charlie, he's kind of like my dad. One day Charlie and I get two new employees, Aimee and Andrea. They're rich, so they must be snotty and stuck-up. The worst part is they always talk about some stupid boy band, One Direction. I hate One Direction, even though I haven't heard a single lyric from any of their songs. One day while the three of us are working, 8 guys walk in. 2 of them come in our direction and the other 6 head for a booth near the window. That's the moment when everything was unexpected and our lives changed forever.


2. Chapter 2

~Talia's POV~


I woke up remembering that I had forgot the pizza in the microwave. I just rolled my eyes at that thought. I looked at myself to see photos all over the place. I must have fallen asleep and not put them away. I got up and started putting all the pictures back in the box. I stopped to trace some at the bottom, and make sure they weren't bent or ripped from sleeping with them. I then put the box neatly under the bed safe and sound. I looked at the clock, 8:45, CRAP!!! I slept in!


I rushed to my closet and just threw on a brown tank-top with a jean jacket over it, skinny jeans, and Toms. I ran downstairs and got the pizza out of the microwave, shoving it into my mouth. I was ice cold, but fast. I slammed open the door not even caring if it was unlocked, and ran towards my job. I bumped into some people saying sorry only in my mind, knowing it would never reach them. Charlie was going to kill me, literally.


I have been late before and he wasn't to happy about just the first time, this is at least the 34 time. After some minutes of running and bumping into people, I finally got to my job. I threw open the door and nearly fell in. Thank gosh no one saw, that would be embarrassing. "I'm so sorry Charlie! I slept in, I promise it won't happen again". I said while running over to the counter. Charlie just smiled. What was he so happy about?? " Charlie,,,, why do you have your I know something face?" I asked. "I talked to the boss about the help, and we have two new people coming in today or tomorrow, I think their names are Andrea and Aimee. They may be rich." I sighed. Probably two snotty chicks who only care about their nails and hair. I told you that our boss was an idiot. "Great choice, we're really gonna be helped now." I said sarcastically. Charlie nudged me and got back to the kitchen. I got on my belt and got my notepad to take some orders.


After a long day of work, I stopped by MacDonalds for dinner and went home and fell asleep with the two new employees on my mind.


I woke up by the sound of my stupid, loud alarm clock. I was refreshed yet, still sleepy. I showered and put on something decent since I'm teaching two snotty employees. The last thing I need is them making fun of my outfit. I put on a purple ruffled top with a brown belt, skinny jeans, and white flats with some make-up and jewelry. I thought I looked awful, I'm not a fan of all this make-up. I just decided to deal with it. I would rather be over-dressed then made fun of. I ran downstairs to make myself some coffee and head out the door. I wonder what is in for me when I get to my crazy job. When I got to WEEKENDS, Charlie gave me a surprising look.


"This is so not you, whats with all the make-up?" He asked. "I'm already teaching two snotty rich chicks, may as well look good so they won't laugh at me and play with their 1,000,000 dollar hair extensions." I said. Just then two girls came in, one had brown curly hair with brown eyes, and the other had brown shoulder-length wavy hair and green eyes. To my surprise, they weren't wearing 1,000,000 dollar hair extensions or any fancy things. They were just wearing normal shirts and pants.


I looked down at myself, this was awkward. Charlie gave me a stare. "Woah, girl you look like your going to a wedding." The girl with curly hair said. I rolled my eyes. I looked back down at myself, only in disgust. Maybe I did go a little overboard. I guess their not rich..... I sighed and started walking towards the bathroom to fix myself up. I washed all my make-up off and ripped my ruffles off. I washed all the stupid hair-spray out of my hair, the eyeliner off my eyes, pretty much ripped out the earrings, and nearly killed myself trying to rip off the rest of the clothes. I did a good job, so it actually looked good. It looked like I was wearing a wide purple tank-top with a brown belt, skinny jeans, and white flats. I came out of the bathroom to see the two employees waiting for me at the counter. I hesitated; they probably think I'm the jerk. I walked over. "Hey, I guess your the two new workers." Was all I could get out. They nodded. "My name is Aimee, and this is Andrea, but you can call us Aimee and Andy." The one with wavy hair said, or Aimee. "Cool, my name is Talia" I said smiling, holding out my hand for them to shake. Good thing, they didn't seem to think of me as a jerk. They shook my hand then I started leading them to the kitchen to show them how we do things around here......


Ok, today has been the WORST DAY EVER!! These snotty little,,,, rrrrrhhhhgggg! They couldn't do anything right! I had to show Andrea how to make our CEREAL 100 times! It's freaking CEREAL! Aimee didn't even do anything! She just stood watching and nodding, (yet I bet nothing was going on in that snotty little head of hers.) They just never listen! They were just talking about some band named One Direction and how their so hot and blah blah blah. If I hear one more person say One Direction I swear I'm going to puke. So basically the whole day I was just sitting down hearing them talk about One Direction. Great topic to talk about while I'm teaching two retarded employees. "GUYS! Can we please get to work?!" I yelled. They looked startled, but to my surprise, they nodded. I showed them everything but flipping pancakes because they were still the snotty One Direction lovers. Charlie would sometimes nudge me to say I was doing a good job.


"Ok! Well your practice is over! Come into work at 8:00!" I said putting on my best smile when inside I felt like them leaving was the key to my freedom. They waved and walked outside. I sighed. "Thank goodness, it felt like forever teaching those snotty little things." I told Charlie. "They're not that bad, you just don't think of them as good people." I rolled my eyes. "Good people? I thought good people KNEW how to make cereal." Charlie nudged me and smiled. I giggled and walked over to get my bag and walk home for a good night sleep.



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