When you're not waiting for this

Jessika is going to London to see her best friend Cher on the X factor's semi-finals. She can't wait to see her friend and she secretely wishes to be presented to the One direction's boys. What is going to happens? Read if you want to know!


5. Chapter 5

We heard a knock on the door. "Harry? It's Liam, I get in" He said. The door opened. "Hey Jesy! What are you doing her..." Cher said. I moved from Harry and turned around. She was hand in hand with Liam, and they were both smiling, looking at us. We all laughed as Harry removed some gloss from his lips. "looks like some people are getting closer" Liam said. "yeah, looks like that" Harry answered. Cher and I exanged a look. We smiled at each other. We spoke a little bit. The boys got texts from Zayn, asking to meet them somewhere. They leaved Cher and me in their room.

"Okay, I want to know everything!" She said. "You go first" I answered. She told me that after her practice, Liam took her to Starbucks (just after us, we almost saw each others!) and they spoke long time. Liam took his hand. Before she could ask him what he was doing, he was kissing her. She described it like 10 minutes. The it was my turn. I told everything, even the butterflies when Harry was staring at me in the dress shop. "You're in looooove!! Omg I can't believe it! Harry having a girlfriend... I feel like my little brother is having a girlfriend" Cher said. I laughed.

Then Harry entered, running. "Hide, love, please!!" he said. "What?" I asked, confused. "Hide! You're not suppose to be there and someone's coming" he explained. He took me and hid me in the closet. I heard the other boys coming in. "Sorry Cher, you'll have to leave" said familiar voice. It looked like the one I knew as "BillyBob BobBilly". "Okay, I go. See you later boys" My friend said. I heard the door. Then the boys sang Only girl. I smiled, thinking Harry was probably thinking of me, hidden in his closet. After half an hour, "BillyBob" finally got out and Harry opened the closet door. The boys all started laughing. "Nice place?" Zayn asked. "Beautiful!" I answered. "How is she suppose to leave now?" Liam asked. "Maybe she can pass by the window?" Niall answered. "Sounds good but... Paps?" Louis said. Good point. "I'm gonna go with her" Harry said. "Sure? What about the rumor?" Louis said again. "I can handle it" Harry said. "And her?" Zayn asked, looking at me. "I'm tough" I said. Harry passed me a sweater and we ran into the house to get out. I putted on the cap and walked through the fans, Harry by my side. We got to Louis' car. "You can drive it?" I asked. "Nope" Louis said, out of  nowhere, having me jumping. "you didn't even think to take the keys" he added, spining the keys around his finger. We laughed and got in the car. He drovve to my hotel and it was time to say goodbye. Harry and I were sitting in the back, together. We looked at each other. "Go for it, I won't look." Louis said. "How did you know that?" Harry asked. "I know everything" he answered. He turned around. I smiled and we kissed. 1 minute. 2 minutes.5 minutes. Louis cleared his throat. I laughed and moved away. Harry kissed my forehead and I got out of the car. When I entered in the hotel rom, my mom looked at me. "You kissed him, didn't you?" She asked. "How do you know that?" I said. "Your smile, your pink face, the sparkle in your eyes..." She satarted. "Okay, okay, I understand" I said. She looked at me funny. We sat on the couch and I started to tell her everything. She looked really happy for me. We finished the night watching a movie and we went to bed around 11 pm.

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