When you're not waiting for this

Jessika is going to London to see her best friend Cher on the X factor's semi-finals. She can't wait to see her friend and she secretely wishes to be presented to the One direction's boys. What is going to happens? Read if you want to know!


4. Chapter 4

The next day, Cher couldn't see me, because she had to practice with someone. I stayed in my bed until 10 am. When I got up, I asked my mom what she was doing today. She told me that she would like to go shopping with me. I accepted and started preparing myself when I received at text from Harry. 'Day oof for me, wanna do something with me?' 'Shopping with my mom, sorry' I wrote. 'Do you think Louis and I could come?' I received. "Mom, can Louis and Harry come with us?" I asked. "The ones from One direction? Sure" she said. 'yes you can! Come to my hotel in an hour' I sent. 'okay we'll be there' he sent.

I threw my phone on my bed and chose my clothes. I decided to go for the comfort first, so I putted black sweatpants and a purple tank top. I tied my hair and putted some mascara and a purple line on my eyelids. As I finished to put put some gloss, the doorbell rang. My mom opened the door and I came behind her. "Hey boys! I'm Hannah, Nice to meet you! Harry is the curly one right?" my mom said. She is always too excited to meet my friends. Mostly when they are boys, so potential boyfriends for me. When Harry saw me, his eyes looked me from head to toes and then he said "Hi beautiful" I tried not to blush and came closer. My mom moved on the side and I hugged him, then I did the same with Louis. "This color looks really good on you" he said. "thanks. Are you ready mom?" I said. "Yes, we can go!" we started to leave and my mom locked the door. As soon as we got out of the hotel. We have been attacked by a crowd of fans. My mom passed in front of us. Louis followed her. Harry took my hand and I followed him. The girls were so crazy about them! When we finally got to the car, I was laughing. Louis and Harry looked at me. "What is funny?" Harry asked. "I thought I would never arrive to the car!" I said. The boys laughed with me. I realized I wall still holding Harry's hand. He realized too and pulled away. Louis didn't realized and was still laughing. "I would have save you because I'm SUPERMAAAAAN!" He screamed that the same way he did on the video diary. My mom laughed and so we did.

When we arrived to the shopping center, my mom told me I should buy something for the show. Louis and Harry took us to a dress store. I looked at some, but they were all too much for this. Then Harry arrived and showed me two dresses. They were absolutely beautiful. I took them and walked to the cabin. I putted on the purple one. It was straight, not too long and there was only one side with a two parts strap. When I got out, my mom clapped. I felt ysef blushing. Harry was looking at me, smiling. "What do you think?" He asked. "I don't know. I'll try the blue one. Where's Louis?" I said. "looking for more dresses for you" Harry said. I got back into the cabin before becoming totally red. What was happening? Why was I reacting like that? I wondered all that while putting on the blue dress.

It was a beautiful flashy blue. It had flounces in the bottom, and it was kinda short. The top was similar to the other one. When I got out, Harry opened big eyes. My mom was looking at me silently. Louis arrived behind Harry. "Hey, I found that but... Whoa. I think I can stop searching" I smiled. He pushed Harry a little bit. "You, huh... you're beautiful." Harry said, blushing. "yeah, i think it's the good one" my mom said. I changed myself again. OMG. Harry was voiceless in front of me!! I felt something in my stomach. What was it? It was the first time it happened to me. "Boys, I'll go to the washroom" my mom said. "okay ma'am" Louis said. I heard whispers. "I don't know what I have Lou" Harry said, quietly. "What about?" Louis asked. "When she's near me, my heart, like... Beats faster" Harry answered. I let out a little sound and covered my mouth with my hands. "You okay?" Louis said. "Yes I... My finger was caught in the zipper of my... purse" I said. "Dude, you're in love!" Louis whispered. "SShut up!" Harry said. I got out of the cabin. "Where's my mom?" I asked, as if I didn't hear her. "She's..." Louis started. "here" my mom said. We leaved the shop. My mom paid the dress while I was outside with the boys. "hey, there's a Starbucks. we could go?" Louis said. Harry nodded. "yeah, why not?" my mom got out of the store. "Mom, we'll go take a coffee. You come?" I asked. "No, I'll go home. Be back when you want" my mom said. She winked at me and leaved. The boys laughed. "That was weird" Louis said, still laughing. "Yeah, I know" I said.

We went to Starbucks and Harry ordered and paid for me. "Hey, how you knew what I take?" I asked when he gave it to me. "Same as Cher?" he asked. "yeah... you know what she take?" I asked. "we come every weeks. She also knows what we all take" Louis said. We drank and spoke during about an hour. Then they took me to their room again. We passed fastly throught the security, because they were busy with some crazy fans. When we arrived in the room, nobody was in. The boys locked to door. We spoke again. Louis received a call from one of Harry's friend. He leaved 10 minutes after. Harry locked the door behind him again. "I feel like I'm kidnapped" I said, laughing. He laughed too and sat on his bed, where I was lying. He stared at me. "What are you looking at?" I asked. "you have beautiful eyes" he said. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled at him. He looked down. "have you ever feel like you could do anything for someone, but at the same time, you're scared to tell her what you feel?" He said. "I don't know. Why?" I almost whispered. "because that's how I feel with you" I sat on his bed. He looked at me. We smiled. He advanced his body closer to mine. I looked on the floor. As I felt his hand my cheek, I closed my eyes. He putted softly his lips on mine. As he started to move away cause I wasn't answering, I took his head and pulled him back to me. I ran my fingers throught nis curls, as he putted his other hand in my back. We kissed like this long time. When he finally moved away, we were both smiling. "Whoa" I said. "it was... huh..." Harry Started. "Nice" we both finished. We laughed. I looked at him and he looked at me. I took his head putted my lips on his mouth again. I felt a smile from his as he kissed back.

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