When you're not waiting for this

Jessika is going to London to see her best friend Cher on the X factor's semi-finals. She can't wait to see her friend and she secretely wishes to be presented to the One direction's boys. What is going to happens? Read if you want to know!


3. Chapter 3

I chose my clothes while Cher was flatting her hair in front of the mirror in my room. She had a short skirt and a shirt that was falling down her letf arm. I finally putted some hot pants with a short tank top so we could see my piercing. When my friend finished with the flat iron, I plugged the one to curl my hair. Cher helped me. "Hey, you have purple hair?" She asked when she started curling the back. "yes, but only under,  and only in the back" I answered. "It's beautiful." She said. When she finished my curls, we putted some make up. I kept it simple. with only a straight black line. Cher did the same, with a little flick in the corner. When we got ready, Cher texted Harry to get us here. We spoke a little when we heard a knock on the door. We took our purses and opened the door. Harry's eyes got bigger as he was looking at me from head to toes. I blushed again. "Gorgeous" he said. I smiled and thanked him. Then I realized I haven't my cellphone. I turned around and took it the table. Cher snapped her finger. "What?" I said, turning to face them. "No, nothing." She said. Harry turned around and started walking to the stairs. "Wait, how are we suppose to get in this with that?" Cher said, pointing at our feets. We had some big high-heels. He smiled, turned around again then went to the elevator. Cher texted someone. After few minutes, my cellphone moved in my pocket. It was Cher. 'I snapped my fingers cuz Harry was looking at ur butt' I looked at her and laughed. "What's funny?" Harry asked. "Nothing" we answered. "You're strange" he said, laughing. "Who?" I asked. "Both" he answered. We joined the boys at the restaurant. Before we enter, there were a lot of paparazzis. Harry putted his hand on my waist and got me in fast. I laughed, because it was weird for me, all this attention. Cher sat next to Liam and I sat between Harry and Louis. After we hate, the boys took us to their room. It wasn't really clean but we didn't cared. Harry and I sat on his bed and talked about a lot of things. The conversation moved to school. Harry said that he missed his friends, and that Cher was lucky that I was there. "Do you... do you have a boyfriend?" He asked. "No, I don't" I said, blushing again. "I thought a beautiful girl like you would be taken" He said. I blushed more. I had a stupid smile that didn't wanted to leave for the first time of my life. Cher finally told me we should get back to our rooms, so that's what we did. My mom was already sleeping. I texted Cher and Harry during an hour before I fell asleep.

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