When you're not waiting for this

Jessika is going to London to see her best friend Cher on the X factor's semi-finals. She can't wait to see her friend and she secretely wishes to be presented to the One direction's boys. What is going to happens? Read if you want to know!


2. Chapter 2

I woke up alone in the room. "mom?" I screamed. No answer. I got out of the bed and went in the small kitchen. There was a note on the table. It was written:

"I'm out for breakfast with Cher's mom. By the way, Cher is waiting for you in the dance room I think. -mom xoxo"

I took a quick shower and oppened my suitcases. I putted on some grey sweatpants with a blue tank top and some bracelets. I putted some make up on and tied my hair in a bun. When I enterred in the room, my friend was singing "Nothing on you" by Bruno Mars I guess. She was so good. When she finished the song, I clapped. She turned around and ran into my arms. We hugged long time, as we always do when we haven't seen each other since a while. "I missed you so much Jesy!" She said. "I missed you too! I watched all of the shows!" I said. We talked about this almost an hour. Then she realized that One direction were suppose to come in a few minutes. She asked me to put the song on. We were singing and dancing together when we heard laughs behind us. I turned around and my face became red. The five most beautiful boys were standing there, big smiles on their faces. Honesly, they are lots more beautiful in real than on pictures. Which is really beautiful. I was standing there, speachless, red as a firefighter car. "Hey boys! We were going out, the room is for you" Cher said. "Wait, you can stay a little while. And present us your friend" Harry said. "I'm Jesy" I said, finally recovered from the choc. "Harry" said the curly one. "I'm Louis the Tommo" said the one next to him. "Niall Horan" said the blonde one. "I'm Liam, and this is Zayn" "I can introduce myself alone, thanks" said the dark haired one. We all laughed. They asked us to stay a little bit. "15 minutes, not more, I have something to do after" Cher said. They sang to us "Only girl" by Rihanna, but in their way. I mean to fit because they're boys... anyways. We listened to them and danced with them. After half a hour, Cher got me out of the place and brought me to her room in the concurrents' house. I was really happy to be there. She showed me two outfits and asked me which one I liked the most. I honestly didn't know. We were trying some things when she looked at me with a little smile. "What?" I said. "Nothing" She said. "Cher... I know what that means. What do you want?" I said, sitting on her bed. "What do you think of the boys?" She asked. "Well, they are nice. And the curled one... Harry? He's like... I don't know" I said. "What? Do you mean you like Harry?" She asked. "No!" I almost screamed. "Okay, okay... by the way, I go to the restaurant with them tonight. You want to come?" "I'd love to" I said. She putted some clothes for tonight and some make up in a bag and we went to my hotel room. I was really excited but I didn't want her to notice it.

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