When you're not waiting for this

Jessika is going to London to see her best friend Cher on the X factor's semi-finals. She can't wait to see her friend and she secretely wishes to be presented to the One direction's boys. What is going to happens? Read if you want to know!


1. Chapter 1

"close, please, just close" I said, pushing on the top of my suitcase. It was the last one I had left. The two others were full. I was going to London for the X factor. My best friend was already there. I couldn't believe that she was in semi-finals. And, I have to say it, I couldn't wait to meet some of the other competitors against her. you know, those guys, One direction I guess. They are so hot! Mainly the curly haired one. Anyways. My phones moved on my bed. I was still pushing on the suitcase. I finally succeeded and took my cellphone. I let myself fall on my bed. It was Cher. 'hey there, darling' 'hey hey' I wrote. 'are you on your way?' i received. As I read the message, my mom screamed. "come on, Jessika, we'll miss the plane!" "mom, we still have at least an hour, don't worry. And we already have our tickets" I said. 'I'm going, see you then' I texted. 'waiting for you babe' I closed my phone and took my bags downstairs. "huh, you tell me to hurry and you don't evenhave your bags ready!" I said. "they are all here" she said. She only had her handbag and a suitcase. "you only bring this?" I said. "only the essential" she answered. I looked at my bags. "the essential" I repeated, smiling. We packed our things in the car and went to the airport. An hour later, we were sitting in the first class of the plane. I had my Beats on my ears and my music was really loud. My mom told me to turn down the volume because she heard it. I removed my earphones and putted them back in my handbag. Then i got my seat down and slept a little. When I woke up, we were almost arrived. The plane stopped and we got down. My mom called a taxi and we got in our reserved hotel. In the room next to us were Cher's parents and on the other side, I bet it was Louis Tomlinson's family. There were 4 girls and their mom. I texted my girl to tell her we were arrived. She wrote me that she could only see me tomorrow, so I went to my bed and just let myself fall on it. My mom said something, but I closed my eyes and felt asleep again.

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