The big move

I am a girl name Amberlyn and me and my friend Kattiness move to London from California and we go to a new school we got there early and One Direction was there!!!!!!!!


1. The first day


Amberlyn's P.O.V Today is my first day in London I just moved here from California I had just got a job at Nando's I am the head waiteress already I guess I that I just made a good impression.I am gonna tell you some things about me first my name is Amberlyn, Im 16 years old, Im in 10th grade, and I am starting at a new school and I don't know anyone but my best-friend Kattiness.(the next day). I am waking up to to feeling of someone shaking me.   Kattiness's P.O.V I woke up at 6 this morning I guess im really excited to start at a new school and not be picked on anymore I jumped in the shower really quick I got out and went in to my room to pick out a out-fit I picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and a shirt that said (I <3 Louis Tomlinson).I went back in to the bathroom and put on some gray eye-shadow and some liquid black eye-liner some cherry lip-stick looked at my-self at I looked super cute so I went up and tryed wakeing up Amberlyn I finally got her up by shaking her.   Amberlyn's P.O.V Im up,Im up I got up and the time was 6:30 so I had 1 hour and 30 minutes to get ready so I wasn't in any hurry so I got in the shower and I got in and out pretty quickly so I covered up with a towel and went to my room to pick out a out-fit I picked out some ripped skinny jeans and a shirt that said (I am Irish) I went back in to the bath-room and put some greenish eye-shadow on some black liquid eye-liner looked at my-self and I thought I looked pretty cute.   Kattiness's P.O.V Ready to go to school?Amberlyn well even if your not we are leaving I want to get there early so everyone's not staring at us ( we go to the school) look Amberlyn there's only like 10 people here were fine.Lets go in when we got in 5 (half) of the people in there already I reconised I told Amberlyn.   Amberlyn's P.O.V  Kattiness just told me that she reconised them 5 guys over there setting down at the table and I told her that,they were One Direction she almost screamed I didn't think someone could get so excited.   Kattiness's P.O.V Oh my gosh did she just tell me that they were One Direction I almost screamed.....Oh wait now everyone's starring at me ok this offically sucks my first day im in front of One Direction and I just screamed they must think im crazy.   Amberlyn's P.O.V I think we should sit down I said to Kattiness  she agreed then Harry, Niall,        Liam,Louis and Zayn started laughing I said Kattiness do you know why they are laughing then she said no all of the sudden........they started walking over to where me and Kattiness were sitting we started freaking out but calmed down before they got there.   One Direction's P.O.V We were walking up to the girl that screamed and her friend we sat down beside them and asked them what there names were they were really quit but we were able to make out the names Kattiness and Amberlyn.   Niall's P.O.V I think I have a crush on that Amberlyn girl she's so shy I like shy girls like her I want to learn more about her.   Louis's P.O.V  That Kattiness girl sounded cool and she's cute I think I am gonna ask her out but when it's the right time so you know it's not to soon.   Amberlyn's P.O.V I keept on starring at Niall till I got snaped out of it by a question and I noticed that Kattiness was sitting with Louis and the other boys at  the other table.Then Niall started talking and asked me the question again I finally asid yes.   Niall's P.O.V Im worried she's not saying anything I mean it's just lunch mabye I freaked her out since it is the middle of the year finally my thought's were interupted by an answer she said yes!!!   Kattiness's P.O.V Ok guy's im gonna go back to see what Amberlyn's doing...ok?I was walking over to Amberlyn and I saw her with Niall I heard her say yes but that's it I wonder what he asked her?Hey Amberlyn what you talking about?   Niall's P.O.V Hey i'll talk to you later ok?byeAmberlyn bye Kattiness!!   Kattiness's P.O.V So what did you say yes about did he ask you out!!!!! I need to know Amberlyn Ineed to know. Ok but seriously what did you say yes to?   Amberlyn's P.O.V He asked me if I wanted to sit with him and the boys at lunch and I said yes and before you accuse me of leaving you alone at lunch I told him you would have to sit with me and you get to sit beside Louis.   Kattiness's P.O.V Oh my gosh this is so exciting I can't belive I get to sit beside Louis (RING RING RING)

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