The big move

I am a girl name Amberlyn and me and my friend Kattiness move to London from California and we go to a new school we got there early and One Direction was there!!!!!!!!


5. day with El at the mall!!!

Kattiness's P.O.V 

We got to the mall and El (my nickname for Elanor) me and Amberlyn are gonna go to claires first.We got to Claires in the mall and we seen some One Direction stuff like shirts and wallets cause we thought it would be funny to have all of that stuff. *buzz buzz buzz* Oh hey guys hold up Niall and the boys texted me we should get going back to the house they said they have a surprise for us and I wanna get there before them if there are not already there.

Elanor's P.O.V

Sounds good to me, I don't really have anyone to hang out with when i'm with the boy's plus you guy's are really nice I think we could be bestfriends even though we just met but Niall talk's alot about you and Louis talks alot about you it's like you guys are brother and sister just without the fighting :)

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