On My Way Home

I was just a normal girl who was in love with One Direction an on my way to London. Now everything has changed. Me and my best friend are now best friends with the 5 boys who changed my life, maybe more than friends with someone.


1. On the Way to London

| Jay's POV |
I couldn't stop smiling as we boarded the plan, after 3 years in Ireland it would be good to go back to London. My best friend, Anna, slouched in her chair and sighed. "What?"I asked and she looked up at me with big puppy eyes.
"Someone is going to be sitting beside me... You know how much I hate that."Anna pouted."Switch with me, please Jay?"I sighed and stood up so she could move.
"Fine, but just this once."I said and Anna jumped up and went into the aisle. She hugged me and I rolled my eyes. After we both slid into the seats we just waited for everyone to board. I stuck in my earbuds and blasted One Direction. Before long Anna elbowed me in the ribs and I took out my earbuds. "What?That hurt."Anna rolled her eyes and leaned in to whisper to me.
"I'll take that seat back."She whispered and I glared at her. Finally I looked up and saw the person who was going to sit beside me. Niall Horan, the Niall Horan of One Direction stood there.
"Hi."He said but I couldn't reply. I just say there and stared at his gorgeous blue eyes. Finally Anna spoke up.
"Yeah, um she really likes your band."She said, Niall chuckled and I just about fainted. I never imagined I would meet him and now here he was standing in front of us.
"Can I get in?"Niall smiled at us and I nodded. Me and Anna got out to let Niall slid into his seat. After we all got into our seats I had to force myself to not stare at Niall. Now, for once I was happy for Anna's weird problem with sitting beside strangers.
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