Forever Young

It was 1999 I was 17, yeah it was only 13 almost 14 years ago you think I would get over it. But I can't. It changed my life forever. And not for the better. My parents both died in the car crash that night, I thought I did to, I guess not. I had the perfect boyfriend, a family that never fought, we weren't poor but we weren't rich. Just a perfect life.


2. I AM A WHAT?!?!

I woke up to this strangely beautiful greeen eyed boy he looked about 18 or 19 years old. But that's not what I was worried about at the moment there was this unbearable pain in my wrist and my throat. The pain in my wrist was more like the feeling of a paper cut with germ X in it, and the pain in my throat was like feeling like you were walking in the Sahara desert for 8 days straight with no water. I couldn't help it the two pains combined was unbearable I just screamed bloody murder, but of course it didn't help anything. Green eyes ran up to me and put his arm around me and started rubing my shoulder WAIT WHEN DID I STAND UP JUST A SECOND AGO I WAS LAYING DOWN ON A PILE OF LEAVES. WAIT WHEN DID I GET IN THE WOODS. As soon as green eyes could tell I was freaking out he backed away so he was standing right in front of me. So many thing were running through my head but I am nomaly a very calm person so I counted to ten and I was instantly calm " Hi I'm Harry" green eyes said "Harry, that name fits him so well being as he has a full head of curls. He is sooo sexy I could just get lost in his eyes all day" I thought wait what was I thinking I don't have time for romance and besides I already have a boyfriend. "why am I in the woods" I demanded "well nice to meet you to beautiful" he said with smirk on his face. What a cheeky cheeky boy! "why am I in the woods!" I demanded yet again. "your a vampire" he said quietly probably hoping I wouldn't hear him but for some reason I could hear everything much better. "IM A WHAT!!! I DON'T BELIEVE YOU" I turned around so he couldn't see the tears in my eyes, I always cry when I get really really mad "hey, I'm sorry but your a vampire and if you don't believe me just feel your teeth" he turned me back around and wiped a tear off my face with his thumb. I touched one of the canine teeth in my mouth with the tip of my tounge and sure enough it was super super sharp, it was so sharp that it made my tounge start to bleed. And the blood tasted good. I remember tasting blood like when I would loose a tooth or something and I remember totally being grossed out by the taste, it was so strange to taste the blood and enjoy it. "are you a vampire" I asked kinda getting scared "no, no don't be afraid I'm not a vampire" he said with a smile on his face like he was happy that he wasn't one. "well then how did you know that I was a vampire" " because I am I werewolf" he growled. Man it was hot when he did that. "okay, well where are my parents"I frowned hen I saw his face get sad "I so sorry" I started crying.
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