Forever Young

It was 1999 I was 17, yeah it was only 13 almost 14 years ago you think I would get over it. But I can't. It changed my life forever. And not for the better. My parents both died in the car crash that night, I thought I did to, I guess not. I had the perfect boyfriend, a family that never fought, we weren't poor but we weren't rich. Just a perfect life.


1. Car wreck.

I had the perfect life until that night I remember it like it was yesterday but it was 13 almost 14 years ago. We were on our way home from a football game, it was rainy and cold. "dad come on why can't I just spend the night at his house! We Arnt gunna do anything!" I yelled dad sighed "because honey I have barely know this boy Matt and I have know idea if I can trust him or not" mom frowned cause she knew what was coming next, you don't know how many time I have said this probably like a million "DAD, you have known him since we have been dating and that was two years ago and he has came over to the house plenty of times, speaking of that he came over last week and had dinner with us I clearly recall you saying 'he is a nice boy I don't think I will have to get the shotgun out and kill him' " I said the last part in the voice I use to mock my dad, and that was the point of time that mom decided it was time for her to take over which is good for dad cause she wins every argument "honey dad said no and that is the final answer we are the parents and we know what's best for you" I sighed I knew this round mom and dad had won. A few minutes later I was getting ready to tell mom to turn on the radio when I hear a loud screeching sound and everything happens fast after that I remember seeing a huge truck crash into the front of our car after that everything was really dark. I remember feeling a sharp pain in my ankle and then the real pain comes and it comes from my wrist and I feel like I'm being carried the problem is I can't open my eyes to see what is going on. The pain soon get unbearable.

Authors note.
Just so everyone knows this is my first story and I'm really excited!!o think I good ideas but I don't know!!!! Thanks for reading I'll probably post a new chaper every day!!
Thanks xx
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