Forever Young

It was 1999 I was 17, yeah it was only 13 almost 14 years ago you think I would get over it. But I can't. It changed my life forever. And not for the better. My parents both died in the car crash that night, I thought I did to, I guess not. I had the perfect boyfriend, a family that never fought, we weren't poor but we weren't rich. Just a perfect life. HOW WILL SHE MEET THE BOYS?! WHICH ONE WILL FALL FOR HER?! WHICH ONE WILL SHE FALL FOR?!


3. Authors note(:

Hey guys thanks to everyone who's read the two chapters! Sorry I haven't posted anymore chapters I've had writers block and I've had a very busy weekend! Just so everyone knows I'm not a very good writer and this is my first story so it's not the best. But I thought it would be fun to write a fanfic. So if anyone has a idea for what could happen next email me

Thanks Hannah xx.
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