Two Against One

When Tory's older brother Sam comes home with a smile on his face she knew something was up. But she didn't know One Direction was coming to Maine In the US to go on her brothers ropes course he works at. Its a cute little but hard course and pretty famous. Then the biggest news of all came, She was going to help them and teach them how to defeat the rooes course! For a whole day she was going to be with One Direction Alone! Well her and her best friend Melanie
She gets real close to all the boys but Liam and Niall don't want to be just friends. Will she have to choose? Or will she pick none? Find out while reading this book!

(this isnt a sequel or anything I just like the names...well and Tory is my name so ya... :)


2. The Ropes

Tory POV: . I elbowed Melanie as if saying 'shut up and act cool' i mean, i wasnt acting cool i looked like an idiot when they all go out of the limo. "These boys?" I say to paul. He nods and laughs "Yes these are the boys" "Well come on in then!" I finally say. In the corner of my eye I see Zayn talkig to Melanie. I cant say Zayn and Melanie were talking becuase Melanie was totally fangirling infront of him smiling like a mad man. "Ok come with me and I will show you how to put on your harnesses and give you a helmet." Once I said that Melanie heard and Finally got her act together and put on her serious face and helped Louis and Harry with the Harnesses. Zayn wasnt going up he was just going to watch so I helped Niall and Liam. Liam wasnt really having that much trouble but Niall on the other hand was falling on his butt about 7 times just trying to get his harness on. I could tell he was blushing while I helped him, honestly I would have helped in before the 7 times he fell but Liam and I were silently laughing. Not in a mean way like jerks but as friends if that makes any sence..."Thankyou" Niall says after I helped with with the Harness "No problem this is my part job anyways." I say smiling at him. This isnt my part time job actually, I don't get payed I just like helping people and having a new adventure every Tuesday when they invited me. "Ok lets get on the ropes!" I say after teaching them the rules. "Pick your partner and meet me at the door" I say. Melanie was going to stay on the ground with Zayn so he wouldnt feel left out. But I had a feeling she wanted to actually meet him without fangirling. "But I want to be with Tory!!!" I hear a whine. It was Louis. I roll my eyes playfully. Liam and Louis were partners and Harry with Niall. "Follow me" Melanie says opening the door and putting the door stopper to hold it open. We all walk outside into the bright sun. I could tell it was going to be really hot. "Ok if anyone needs water just ask and I can give you some because Melanie will be down here so I'm your whole staff!" I walk up the stairs which leads to a bridge and leads to the course with two directions to go. You can pick the tires or the thin rope. Its actually difficult even on the first level. Each time you go higher is another level, there are three. "Weee!!!" I see Louis in the corner of my eye jumping on one of the bridges we call 'Indiana Jones' bridge, basically it looks like that bridge. My favorite one would either be the moustache bridge or on the second level the shoe laces. It didn't have a name so we just call it the shoe laces because they are thick shoe laces and you swing to get to the other side.
You could tell none of them has done anything like this except Louis but I bet he didn't know what he was doing and just went with the flow. I see Liam stumble and Louis pounting "You take too slow!" He whines. I climb over " Louis why don't you triple up with Niall and Harry "Hazza!" He smiles and starts to climb over to them. "Should I get down then" Liam asks about to-cry? "No i'm going to be your partner so you feel a little more sicure instead of Louis yelling at you" He smiles and we slowly finish the course and get back down to the ground everyone drinking water. Then I notice they are going to leave. "Well its was fun.."
~Liam POV~
.I'm so happy she became my partner instead of Louis. I love Louis but he made me feel kindof sad so i'm glad i got a nice partner. I learned a lot about her and I told her about my pet turtles. Sadly everything has to come to an end. I hate that saying 'All things fun must come to an end" it kills me. We get off the course, "Well that was fun" Tory says and gets a drink of water. Everyone nods in responce. Everyone goes to say there goodbyes. Zayn and Melanie continue to talk and swap numbers. Awww how cute! They hug so awkwardly. I say my goodbye to Tory with a hug I wish would never end (right now the quote is haunting me "everything fun mist come to an end" but she makes gives great hugs!) and a kiss on the cheak i wish was on the lips. I start to leave when I see Niall talking to Tory making her laugh. Wow I remember on the course we talked about what we hate about ourselves and her answer was her laugh. Not true. Or her smile, its so cute. Everything about her just makes me feel so lonely without her. What am I saying? I only met her and i'm going crazy...
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