Two Against One

When Tory's older brother Sam comes home with a smile on his face she knew something was up. But she didn't know One Direction was coming to Maine In the US to go on her brothers ropes course he works at. Its a cute little but hard course and pretty famous. Then the biggest news of all came, She was going to help them and teach them how to defeat the rooes course! For a whole day she was going to be with One Direction Alone! Well her and her best friend Melanie
She gets real close to all the boys but Liam and Niall don't want to be just friends. Will she have to choose? Or will she pick none? Find out while reading this book!

(this isnt a sequel or anything I just like the names...well and Tory is my name so ya... :)


1. The best job ever

My brother Sam came home from work at a ropes course with a smile on his face. "Whats up smiley?" I smile at him, we were very close since our sister and brother died in a car crash. "Tomorrow we close the course for the day" I was shocked he loves his job and always wants to be there 24/7, why would he be so happy? "And?" I asked. "And the reason is One Direction is renting it for the day!!!" I scream excitedly. I love One Direction! I knew Sam doesn't but he knew I would love to hear it. "Can you get their autogragh for me?" I ask jumping. "no" I dropped my face into a puppy eyes " but-but why!" he smiled "because you will be helping them through the course! "What!!!!" I smile and hugged him. I would help them go through each part. I would teach them! I gave out a yelp with excitement I couldn't wait!
"Can I bring a friend?" He knew who i was going to bring so he nodded rolling his eyes. My best friend Melanie just called me to help her on a problem with homework but I didn't care so I cut her off and screamed "we're going to meet One Direction!!!!" I hear a louder sream at the other end.
~Next Day~

I woke up at 7:15 am and got dressed; a grey t-shirt that shows the faces of The Beetles, Shorts to my knees, and sneekers. I texted Melanie so she could wake up (she wasnt a morning person). I got frozen waffles and some milk and texted Melanie I was picking her up and grabbed my keys and left and started my car.

I wake up to a text
'get up'
From:Toryyyyyyy :)
I groan, I hate Mornings! I quickly stop complaining when I remember I'm meeting One Direction! I knew I had the best best friend! Tory and I don't wear make up do I put on a tie dye shirt and some jean shorts. I go down stairs and put on my sneakers and grabbed my purse and put my phone in it. I sit on the couch watching SpongeBob with my adopted little brother when I hear the doorbell ring I run to the door and both Tory and I sream with excitement. She checks her IPhone "we better hurry" with that we both drive up to the course.

When we got there we changed into our uniforms which was just a white shirt saying
Staff. I refilled our water bottles and see a tall man talking to Melanie who looked like she was going to faint. I walk up "Do you need anything sir?" I knew it wasnt any of the boys he was too tall. I could see Mel look relieved when I started talking. "Are you in charge here?" He asks "Yes and may I ask who are you? The course us closed. Come back tomorrow" I say confidently. "Well thats too bad the boys were really excited" This is the first time I hear and accent. "What boys!" Melanie says way too excitedly. "Well let me just go and get them!" He says and walks outside with us following him. Then I see a huge limo "It's safe" he says knocking on the window. Then I hear Mel scream excitedly. She would do that even with a nerd as long as he likes to flirt. By the way did I mention screaming was on the list on what NOT to do when we meet One Direction? Well it was.
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