Daemon's Story

Today I share with you a part of my life. A long forgotten story deep within Runescape's history. Follow me on this adventure.


3. The meeting

The sky overhead was dark and foggy. The ground I stood on was soft and printed every step I made, as though leaving behind a trail for anyone who cared to follow. This was not the first time I had seen the ground covered in white, as it was inside the dungeon as well. Once again I was feeling the same I had once felt when my eyes first opened deep down within Daemonheim. Only this time I feared nothing, but was instead filled with curiosity of my surroundings. What was this white, soft feeling under my feet which turned to liquid after I had licked it?  Is this even meant to be licked? and so my list of questions began to grow. There were a few others aside from myself walking about, I needed answers and would kill anyone who dared to stand in my way. On my right was a man holding what seemed to be a stick bearing a banner or flag of some sort showing a picture of what looked like a chest, a treasure chest to be exact. There was another man to my left, wielding a short blade and dressed to withstand the cold winds that screamed past. I did not bother asking them for help, instead I followed the path in front of me. As I got farther down the first flight of stairs, I could see a man trembling on the floor, and wielding a shield. It looks as though he had gone through something terrible which lead to the misplacement of one of his shoes, but this was not my concern. I went over to ask him for answers.   


“You there, I need answers and I need them now!” I demanded without hesitation. Though I felt bad deep down demanding for answers from someone who looked to have been beaten and left to die from the cold weather.  


  “What questions is it that you need answered?” he replied. I could tell he was just trying to show courage. This pleased me, but did not change my attitude.  


“Important question first, can these white things on the ground be licked?” I asked. Although I feared nothing, I did not want to die from poisoning. Cures were easy to create inside the dungeon but now I was somewhere completely different, and couldn’t risk lowering my guard.  


“No. What you just licked will kill you shortly” he mumbled. Enraged by his answer, I drew my blade and swiftly slashed at my target. Though I heard a loud thud, it seems my sword had just met with something much heavier then a blade or a shield. It was too foggy at the moment to get a clear glimpse of what was in front of me, but as things began to clear, in front of me was an armor wielding  a very heavy mace. My sword was no longer in the best of shapes, the dungeon had  completely weakened it and I knew I stood no chance against this armored beast.   


“What did you just attempt to do?” asked a deep voice. I had no idea where it came from. Overpowering my sword with its heavy mace, the armor launched towards me and was surprisingly fast. Quickly I jumped backwards twice, managing to maintain my balance while dodging a critical swing. My body suddenly began to loose its temperature, every part of me was colder then it had ever been. That’s when I noticed my legs were turning to ice! Unsure of what was causing this I jabbed my sword into the ice and  broke free without loosing any part of my lower body.   


“Aren’t you a smart one” came a woman’s voice form behind me. I snuck  a peak to get a better view of who had just joined in our fight and saw something quite beautiful. Nothing close to the picture I had in my head. A young woman dressed in a green robe with bits of different colors wielding a staff which seemed to have a levitating stone glowing in a pinkish-red color that almost matched her beautiful hair that flowed down her fair colored skin stopping inches away from her breast yet a bit longer in the back. I could instantly tell she was the one that caused my legs to begin turning into ice, and knew she was a mage.    “Whose side are you on?” I questioned. I am not new to fighting more than one opponent at the same time, as I went through enough practice inside Daemonheim. They most likely did not know this, which could turn into my biggest advantage. 


  “Not yours sadly. Though I must admit, you are quite ravishing.” she said in an almost sarcastic tone. Thinking back to what the trembling man had told me “No. What you just licked will kill you shortly” I knew my time was short. I still have my dreams to accomplish, and if I don’t make it out of this fight as quickly as I can, death would devour me. Looking down at my sword I scanned quickly trying to determine if it could last me at least one more devastating battle. Luckily, it could! But I had to make the right choices on how I would attack or else I’d be wasting energy. The mage had to go first, she held the key to who would win this battle.   


“You leave me with no other choice, I will take you both on!” I shouted. Throwing my sword up in the air allowing it to spin, I raced for the mage. I had chosen to take her down in a hand-to-hand combat style as I had no reason to kill such a beauty. I lowered my body, and slid my legs across the slippery floor carrying piles of snow as I tried to trip her. She jumped, leaving my legs to slip right under while she whacked my side with her staff. Pain struck my body, the wound I was eternally cursed with from Kal'Ger was my worse disadvantage in this battle, but I couldn’t show any sign of pain If I wanted to keep even the slightest chance of winning a possibility. Jumping as high as I could, I flew backwards to tightly grip my sword which had been heading for the ground. There was no time to think of mercy anymore, so I spun around in the sky causing the fog to give me cover as I positioned my sword straight ahead pointing directly at the mage in an all out attempt of killing her. It was in that moment I noticed something shiny flying directly at the lower-right side of my stomach. Left with two choices, I swiftly twisted my blade in a defending position to protect my wound. An arrow quickly struck my blade seconds later causing a deafening steel noise but did not injure my body at all, instead if fell to the ground after completing a spin that marked the center of my weapon. The aim was beyond accurate, if I hadn’t protected my wound my battle would’ve ended then.   


Tracing back to where the arrow had came from I could see a man holding a golden bow I have never seen before, at least not in the dungeons.   


“I’ve never seen any of these weapons before!” I started to think to myself now paying more attention to what was happening. This isn’t a battle I could simply win at this point. I knew only of all the weapons within Daemonheim, I had personally studied every weapon and learned of its weakness, but these were new and they’ve shown no weaknesses. I was running out of energy, and was now surrounded not by two, but three opponents.   


“Anyone else dare to show their face? These surprises are getting rather old” I spouted out suddenly without thinking. I knew I was reaching my limit and could no longer take any risk in more surprises. This might’ve been the smartest thing I’ve said thus far, because right behind me leaning against the rocks which were connected to the stairs I once walked down was another man. He wore a very light armor that formed a shield like pattern and located right on the center of the body was an emblem of a shield, his legs heavily protected as well as his arms. In his hand was a sword almost resembling the armor he wore, a very sharp tip and the handle forming what seems to be a cross or star. Although he showed off an unthreatening presence, the scar on the far left side of his face showed just how dangerous he could be. If I had made any attempt without thinking to attack any of the three opponents before me, he would’ve stroked me from behind where I paid no attention.   


“Ready to surrender yet?” came his voice calmly. 


“Are you the last surprise?” I asked. Even now,  with four strong opponents I was not demoralized. Still standing my ground I looked at each of them once more, finally getting a better picture of how the archer looked. Aside from his golden bow which could possibly be seen miles away,  he had a look of a prince. Almost everything he wore had a bit of gold and orange on it, or maybe it was just the color.  


“Yes, I’m the last one. Though I suggest you give up now before we reach a point were turning back is no longer an option for y---” Ignoring the current state of my body I forced my legs to a light speed dash, just managing to scratch a fine line through the emblem on his armor.   


“I don’t need you telling me of my options. You were lucky to have dodged that attack, the next one I promise you wont see coming” I shouted.  My body had now regained a burst of strength due to my rage and the adrenaline rush I was going through thanks to this ongoing battle. I was now more excited then I had been from the start, and this battle was not going to end here. Showing off amazing swordsmanship I stood in my battle stance. Wielding my sword with both hands, giving my opponents a variety of different ways to attack me. I glared at the archer marking him as my target while trying to keep the others confused as to whom I had planned to attack. The archer and mage both posed as a threat to me, their long ranged advantage would ruin any chance I had against the armor and scar face. I spun creating a diversion that would buy me at least half a second to strike down the archer. His bow wouldn’t be able to defend against my sharp sword, I could destroy his long range capabilities and take care of the mage just as quickly. That is what I had thought, until my sword came in contact with his bow. I was unable to cut right through. It was now that I knew it wasn’t just colors that made many of what he had gold. His bow really is made out of gold materials. Scar face who had caught on to what I had planned appeared right behind me, placing his sword at my neck and giving me a warning.   


“Move and you die” he whispered in my ears. There was no way of me defending myself at this point any longer. Scar face now behind me, armor was to my right, the beautiful mage to my left and the archer right in front of me. Each of them aiming their weapons directly at me. Vines began to grow from beneath the ground warping against my entire body. Now entangled inside the twisting of these vines I was rendered motionless. I had been defeated, for the first time and somehow it all felt good.   


“What are your names?” I asked.  


“Name’s Ozan” said the archer.   


“My name is Sir Owen” said scar face.   


“I am called Raptor” came the strange voice I couldn’t recognize before, but this time I could finally tell it was the armor’s voice. I didn’t know there was a body inside the armor at all. After everything I’ve seen in the dungeon, a talking armor is something that wouldn’t surprise me.    


“You can call me Ariane” said the mage. I grinned looking at each of them. Now wondering how a simple attempt to kill someone who had just told me I was going to die turned into a battle such as this.   


“Wait, shouldn’t I be dead?!?” I shouted facing the trembling man on the floor. His mouth which was wide opened and eyes staring at us. It seems as though he had fallen into a trance from the battle he had just watched. 


  “Dead?” asked Sir Owen.


  “Yes, dead. I was informed that the white things on the ground which I had licked would kill me.” I replied. Each of them gave me an odd stare aside from Raptor before bursting into laughter. It was the first time I had ever been surrounded by others so cheerful. We had just been enemies fighting to the death, but now it feels as if the fight had never happened. Maybe I was the only one fighting to kill them.   


“What you licked my friend, is called snow. It doesn’t kill” came Raptor while the others continued to laugh. I had just learned the name of what I have been walking on this entire time.    


“Snow” I thought to myself.  


“How about you, what’s your name?” questioned Ariane. This was a question even I myself didn’t know. The only memories I recall are the ones I’ve made since I first opened my eyes deep within Daemonheim. I quickly put together all my memories and gave myself a name deciding that my new life began now.


“You can call me Daemon” I said.  


“Funny you should say that, as it turns out there’s a dungeon not far from us named Daemonheim” came Sir Owen. I could tell he knew my name was somehow connected to the dungeon, and for the first time I smiled, and joined them in laughter. 

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