Daemon's Story

Today I share with you a part of my life. A long forgotten story deep within Runescape's history. Follow me on this adventure.


2. The beginning

I know not about the world beyond this wretched place, every part of me that once feared has been torn to pieces and destroyed as I ventured high towards the top of these Dungeons. I haven’t any memory of how I ended up in such a place, though I managed to befriend a smuggler whom always somehow had supplies to sell me. Usually someone would think a Dungeon starts from the top to bottom, at least that’s what I thought, but no, my journey started from the bottom to the very top. I was informed that this place is named Daemonheim.  


During my early days, I feared everything within Daemonheim. Bones scattered everywhere, thoughts rushed through my mind wondering whose bones where laying on the floor, and the most crucial question of all, how did these bones get there. Though it wasn’t long until  I found out. My first encounter happened minutes after I had awakened for the first time. In front of me was a beast so terrifying words wouldn’t be able to explain how I felt. My body discarded all thoughts and attempts to move.    


“Maybe if I stay still it wont notice me” I thought. Hoping this giant, red winged beast wouldn’t turn I laid very still. It wasn’t long until I had no choice but to run around in circles as fast as my currently fragile legs could allow. I quickly scouted the room hoping to find anything that could be of use to me, and at last! Wielded in one of the corpse was a very beautiful sword.  It’s light blue blade, leading to a golden-winged handle with a feather like pattern giving of a glow my eyes suddenly fell in love with. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take this weapon in my current situation, so I came upon taking a risk which could very much kill me.  


Quickly I ran across the room, trying to angle myself so that the corpse would be opposite of where I stood. The beast,  just as agile, but slower than me followed my every move. Staring into its dark red eyes, I timed it. Everything now depended on how fast I could react to any sudden movement the beast made and make it to the other side without getting killed. My chest pounding faster and faster, then in a very slow motion, the beast began to move its arm as if it was also trying to predict what I was going to do. This was my moment. It was now or never, and I sure as hell had no intentions of taking a larger risk to wait any longer. I dashed towards him.. she.. it.. whatever this thing was. Without thinking, I tried to fool the beast by making a slight turn so that it would seem as if I had the intention of going to its right, but instead quickly slid right beneath. Everything moved slow in my head, looking up I could see the long leather like belt it wore. Once across the room, I raced for the sword which I had grown to like just from a first glance. The beast had already caught on to what I was trying to do, and in a blitz second it jumped! This was new to me, and every part of my body had fallen into a panic, but there was no time to ponder over what I had just witnessed. I swiftly pulled the sword from within the corpse’s  hand, and said my prayers to the soul that once belonged to this body which was now nothing but bones. The beast smashed its right hand down towards me, I quickly side-stepped to my left, dodging its attempted attack to my right. 


  “Is it.. learning?” I thought to myself, because it had seemed as if the beast was thinking about what I had just done to trick him a moment ago and decided  to go for the very spot I would‘ve ended up if I had repeated  the same move once again. If I had also hesitated for even a second, I would’ve been smashed.


  I looked up, staring the beast eye-to-eye as if challenging him officially. My body was no longer under my control and I had no idea as to what was happening to me, but it felt good. The sword was providing me with the willpower and hope I needed in order to make it out of this place alive. Though holding it was no easy task. My entire body suddenly felt eleven times heavier than my previous weight. The beast which was now happy to see me showing more courage in fighting him, gave off a little smirk, or so it seemed and launched another attack. I had seen this coming and was able to dodge the first assault, though as if getting smarter from our previous battle once again, it had its left arm already in position to strike another dangerous blow, and this I did not see.  Its fist met with the tips of my sword, though I still flew backwards. As my back finally made contact with the thickened wall, there was now a spear through my body at the lower right of my stomach. Pain shot through every part of me, and above my head was a very large sword. Although thinner than mine, it sent a chill through my body while I was already in deep pain. If my sword had not been between my body, and the beasts fist, I would've been killed the instant the spear went through me.


My back and stomach now in pain was far too much for me to handle. This was the first time I had ever felt anything like that, considering I had just awoken from a long slumber. Shaking my head, I hoped to regain consciousness. As all the pieces that were scattered in front of me finally formed into one big puzzle, revealing  the beasts fist flying towards me once again; looking at his eyes I could see he was confident that this would be his last, and critical hit. I had no intention of dying here like this today, gripping the sword very tightly with my lifeless arm, I swung at my back and broke the wooden part of the spear. My body fell towards the ground, and above my head a heavy wind blew past as the beast punched his fist into the wall, a wall I could’ve died on at the very moment of impact. The remaining wood that had been on the wall splintered tiny pieces around its hands, though the expression the beast had remained the same, and it was then that I could tell it felt no pain.  


I had safely managed to land on the floor, escaping yet another deadly blow. My vision beginning to get even more blurry, thoughts racing through my head once again.   


“I can’t give up now.. There’s still time” I told myself while slowly pulling out the spear, enduring the pain that followed after. I held on to my sword, and began a furious battle with the beast. Everything was dark, but I knew my body was still moving. At last, I was no longer in the darkness. At this moment, I could feel my body completing a 360 spin which ended the battle.  


My mouth opening and closing, breathing very fast as if every air I had inhaled escaped my body sooner then I needed it to.  The beast laid motionless on the floor, eyes closed and showed no sign of life. On his side was the sword which was previously on the wall, cracks and blood stains were all over his sword, as well as mine. With that I knew the battle with him was nothing small, and I had missed everything.   


“Arrggggh” was the sudden scream that came out of my mouth, I had completely forgotten about the spear  and what it had done to my body for a split second, but the pain reminded me. I would see a flashback of the spear striking me as I flew against the wall every time I felt this pain.  


The battle had been won, and this was the start of my long journey towards the top of Daemonheim. I had only one dream at this moment; to venture the world and learn of all its mysteries. During my adventure to the top, I learned the names of all the mighty beast I had slayed, and one I swore never to forget.  Kal'Ger the Warmonge, the mightiest of them all, and my very first challenge. I also learned it was a he.    

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