Daemon's Story

Today I share with you a part of my life. A long forgotten story deep within Runescape's history. Follow me on this adventure.


4. Prince who?

The boat ride to Al-Kharid, Ozans birth place as I was told, was rough but we all managed. I had discovered what they call lightening and rain. The lighten was loud and coated parts of the sky in yellow and rain had been just like the water I’d see in small ponds within Daemonheim only they were dropping in little pieces from the clouds. As the boat reached the docks at Al-Kharid my eyes widened in excitement. I could see a very tall tower from the distant which disappeared behind the many tall buildings.    


“That tower you just saw is only the beginning Daemon, below it is Emir‘s Palace”  came Ozan from the far right of the boat preparing to depart. The noise was overwhelming. I could see kids running on top of the buildings jumping from house to house, sliding on ropes that connected from a higher building down to a lower house. I’ve never seen a place so alive! Though this was my first time visiting anything outside Daemonheim. During the boat ride Sir Owen and the others had mentioned to me  that I was in a world called Gielinor, a medieval place filled with many wonders, beautiful woman and the best part was the beer. Although I had no idea what a beer was, it had a nice ring to it. 


  I stepped out of the boat and onto the sand, finally ready to start my adventure and fulfill the dream I once had. This time, without threatening to kill all who stood in my way. Almost everyone around me seemed to be dressed in old clothes crafted to blend in with the environment. Far ahead I could see a large canyon which also disappeared far off in the distant. 


  “Follow me, I’ll be your guide around these parts and even get you inside the palace” said Ozan. He looked more alive then he did back at Daemonheim, but I wasn’t surprised. Even I was beginning to have a change of heart. 


  “We’ll be going now Ozan, Daemon.” said Sir Owen. 


  “Going where?” I asked, not wanting our group to get separated.   


“Don’t worry handsome, we’ll meet again. Though each of us have something we must do, so your journey with us ends here for now. Enjoy the tour” said Ariane. I lifted my hands and gestured a wave as Raptor, Ariane, and Sir Owen walked towards the path which lead to the canyon I saw before.   


“Shall we go?” asked Ozan. I looked around before responding. Shaking my head as a sign of approval, I followed Ozan. As we walked along a narrow path with buildings in every direction, I could see guards roaming around as though they were searching for someone. The wind began to get wild, signaling a sign of what could possibly be a sandstorm. 


  “OZAN! There you are” came a voice from far ahead. A seemingly large figure was running towards Ozan and I. It was a fat man wearing an elegant dishdasha with a white beard and matching eyebrows. The glasses he wore gave the impression of someone smart. 


  “Hassan, what is it” Ozan asked with a confused tone. I figured he was speaking to the man that was rushing to meet up with us.  


“It’s Prince Ali! He’s been kidnapped by thieves!” spoke Hassan, at least that’s what Ozan called him.


“Prince?” I began to think. All this time I had thought Ozan was the prince but it seems I was wrong.  


  “Any chance you’ll be following me to the Palace Daemon?” came Ozan. I knew saying no wasn’t the right choice so instead I decided to go with him. We followed Hassan to Emir’s Palace. My body froze and eyes widened as we came upon something very beautiful and big. I knew this had to be the Palace! It was the only building that stood out amongst all others. Words couldn’t describe what I am seeing, this was truly a magnificent place.   


“Hurry Hassan! King Emir has summoned you” came another voice from within the Palace. The man looked old, bald in the middle with hair on both sides of his head. His expression was quite grumpy. 


“We’re coming Jabari!” responded Hassan. Increasing the speed of our legs, we hurried into the Palace towards the higher level where the king was located. Inside the Palace my eyes widened once again. Everything looked far different from what I had pictured after seeing the outside! I never would’ve thought there would be a pool inside this Palace. Though right now I had to focus on what was happening, and the task Ozan and I were about to be given. As Jabari opened a large door, I could see an old man walking around in circles with a worried expression on his face. He was also bald with hair on both sides of his head, his hair was mixed with both black and white. His beard was the longest I’ve seen so far since I began exploring Al-Kharid with Ozan. He also had a gold ring running through his right nose.  


“Finally, you’re here Ozan” came his voice. I had a feeling he was the king.  


“Emir, what is it you need” said Ozan. I was a bit confused as to why he even asked such a question, what the king wanted from him was quite obvious.   


“I want you to rescue my son, Prince Ali” said Emir. If a face expression could kill, everyone in this room would be dead just from looking at the king.   


“We will search for Ali, but we’ll be needing clues” said Ozan.   


“We” I thought giving of a sigh. My body was tired and I haven’t had any chance to rest since Daemonheim. 


As we walked outside the Palace, waiting for us at the bottom was Sir Owen, Raptor, and Ariane. I wondered what they were doing here. That’s when I understood what Ozan really meant by “we”. 


  “Hey Daemon.. Any chance you’re up for this quest?” asked Ozan with a smile on his face. There wasn't that many options.


“I will follow my comrades”  I said with a little smirk. Everyone looked pleased with my response. Thus we all headed towards the desert, in search of the Prince.   


Sadly, my story ends here. As I have yet to know what awaits me in the Kharidian desert.

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