Daemon's Story

Today I share with you a part of my life. A long forgotten story deep within Runescape's history. Follow me on this adventure.


1. Introduction

You’re all probably expecting this to be an introduction to the story I wrote for this competition, but it isn't haha. Thought I’d give a big thanks to jagex for having a ton of resources available to me for the research I needed on many of the things in my story. As well as a thanks to Movellas for providing links to pages that were helpful.  


I had to rethink my entire story concept quite a few times because I would see a story with what I had previously drafted down on paper already taken and ended up with the story I have now. It isn’t complete, but will be by Sunday. Please do leave comments that will help me improve my writing. Also, my grammar isn’t the greatest :(    Hope you all enjoy reading the story as much as I had fun writing it.


Anything is subject to change before the competition ends.

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