Never Grow Up

In this story they are all in seventh grade. Zayn and Destiny are the popular kids. Niall and Kendall are unpopular. They only have each other. Niall always stands up for Kendall because she is very shy. Kendall and Destiny are enimies. But can they finally be friends by choosing the wrong guy? Find out in this relatable story. Tell me what you think! Credit to write_my_life_story! Read her stories too!


7. What are you doing here?


Jackie's POV

When Zayn said "Destiny." I got worried and tried to get up. Zayn pushed me back down. When ever I tried to get up Zayn kept pushing me down. Mekayla just stood in the door way. And I said "Zayn stop it!" He said "No!" Niall woke up and said "What happened?" I said "Destiny is here." Niall walked up to Destiny and all I heard was a smack and a squeal. I said "Wait turn the light on." Niall hit the lights and it was my mom? Niall punched her again and again. He knew what she did to me. And I smelled alcohol? There was a beer bottle in her hand. I turned and Zayn hugged me. I heard Niall say "STAY AWAY FROM HER!" My mom is short like my height. So thats why Zayn probably said "Destiny." I started to cry and the door opened again the same smell of alcohol. I got up and Zayn said "STOP!" He tried to push me down but by the time he could I already unhooked all of the tubes. I was stumbling over to her when I got to her she said "Slut." And slapped me I fell back and my head hit the bed I just blacked out.

Niall's POV

I went over to Jackie and started to cry. Zayn is the strong one. He went over and punched her all I heard was her mom scream. The smell of alcohol left. Zayn came over to me and said "Did she gain conciousness?" I said "No." He said I got her. I went over and pressed the emerency button. Two nurses ran in and said "What happened?" Zayn said "Who contacted her mother?" She said "The doctor." I said "She doesn't want to see her mother or talk to her. She said "Okay." They hooked her back up to the machines and left. Zayn sat down next to her. I said "Thanks man." He said "No problem." I fell asleep In five minutes.



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