Never Grow Up

In this story they are all in seventh grade. Zayn and Destiny are the popular kids. Niall and Kendall are unpopular. They only have each other. Niall always stands up for Kendall because she is very shy. Kendall and Destiny are enimies. But can they finally be friends by choosing the wrong guy? Find out in this relatable story. Tell me what you think! Credit to write_my_life_story! Read her stories too!


13. Rumors

Zayn's POV

I should have known her mom would send someone. He was tall and had no meat. He was standing there and started to choke Jackie she kicked him. He fell back. I went in and he was already running. I said "GET AWAY!" She started to cry. Jackie said "He has never been like this before! I guess because she is in jail he started to hate me." I said "It's okay." She said "No it isn't no where is safe for me or my friends any more! Where ever I am the people I know and love will get hurt!" I thought about it. It's true. I said "Don't worry." She didn't say anything. She just stayed silent the rest of the night.

The Morning

Time is the essence of life. Always treasure it, Don't waste your life. I had a dream that night. Some one came up to me and said those words. The words kept repeating in my head. I walked down stairs. I saw Jackie downstairs. She was wearing the blue dress she wore on the first day of school. We walked to  school and I was close to her side. We met Destiny and Niall in the front of the school. They were holding hands. We walked into the back we were the first people there. We went back there for a before school recess like every day of school. Jackie grabbed a basket ball. She was really good. Then everyone started staring at me. Only because I was hanging out with Jackie. Destiny went over and started playing too and so did Niall. The whole time people were staring at us. I walked in the school. I said "Bye." Jackie said "Bye Zayn see you at lunch?" I said "See you at lunch."

Jackie's POV

I was walking into class and everyone just stared at me. I didn't care though. I feel like a new person. But, I just wasn't shy that's all. I walked into math class. I sat next to no one. When I was at my locker to get my English books. Then David Lugo came up to me and said "Where were you?" I said "None of your bees nest." He said "Well I heard you were skipping school because you don't feel good about yourself. I took a deep breath and just ignored him. He kept repeating himself. I said "Probably a rumor started by you." He said "You are such a lair." I said "Just leave me alone." To bad he has a locker next to me. He said "No! I won't!" I said "Just stay away from me! Okay?" He said "No." I walked to the guidence counclers. David said "You better run." I walked in and I saw Zayn. There were tears in my eyes. Mrs. Wolf said "What happened." I said "I'll talk about it later your busy." She said "David?" I said "Yea." David is one of the Jocks. He is always bullying me and starting rumors about me. Mrs. Wolf said "Zayn was telling me about the rumor about you." I said "Which one?" He said "The one where someone said that you said you were going to bring a gun into school and kill everyone." (Someone really did spread that rumor about me) I said "I never heard that one." Mrs. Wolf said "Is it okay if I call you in five minutes." I nodded and walked to English.

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