Never Grow Up

In this story they are all in seventh grade. Zayn and Destiny are the popular kids. Niall and Kendall are unpopular. They only have each other. Niall always stands up for Kendall because she is very shy. Kendall and Destiny are enimies. But can they finally be friends by choosing the wrong guy? Find out in this relatable story. Tell me what you think! Credit to write_my_life_story! Read her stories too!


5. I-I love you

Dear John I see it all know that your gone.
-Dear John

1 month later
Niall's POV

Tonight is the halloween dance. I am being cupid. Kendall is being an evil mascarade angel. I go to the school and I don't even reconize her!  She had a black and white wig on. Then she put red hair extentions in. And she put red fake contacts in had a white mask on. A black dress and shoes. She had a fake devil tattoo on her neck. Black and white wings with a skull in the middle. Black gloves and red lipstick. She put pale make up on. She said "Hey Niall!" I said "I didn't recongnize you!" She said "At least I recongnized you!" I said "True! You look amazing for being evil." She blushed and said "Thank you. You don't look to bad yourself." I laughed and said "Thanks." She said "No problem." I asked her "Do you want to dance?" She said "Okay." Then the song slowed down. So we did a slow dance together and everyone turned and looked at the door. Who was there? Zayn and Destiny. I said "Can I tell you something?" She said "Of course." I said "I-I love you." She fainted. Zayn ran over and caught her. I said "Thanks." He said "No problem. Are her parents home?" I said "Her dad is on a three month trip since yesterday." He said "Someone call 9-1-1!" He looked up at Destiny who was giggling. I went over to her and said. "HOW IS THIS FUNNY? SHE USED TO BE YOUR FRIEND TOO! KNOW SHE IS OUT COLD AND ALL YOU CAN DO IS LAUGH?" She said "BECAUSE IT'S FUNNY!" Everyone looked at her and just looked away. The ambulance came. Zayn and I jumped into the back of the ambulance. Destiny said "What about me?" Zayn said "I don't care. Because were through!" She tried to say something but the doors closed on her before she could.


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