Never Grow Up

In this story they are all in seventh grade. Zayn and Destiny are the popular kids. Niall and Kendall are unpopular. They only have each other. Niall always stands up for Kendall because she is very shy. Kendall and Destiny are enimies. But can they finally be friends by choosing the wrong guy? Find out in this relatable story. Tell me what you think! Credit to write_my_life_story! Read her stories too!


11. Do You Still Hate Me?

"Don't You Wish You Were Us?"
~Lemonade Mouth

Destiny's POV

Niall and I walked into the hall. I asked him "Do you still hate me?" He said "I never did I was just mad." He hugged me I got butterflies in my stomach. Do I like him? I still like Zayn though. I don't know what I will do. My life is a dead end right now. I said "Really?" He said "Absolutely." I said "Thanks Niall." He said "No problem." I said "Can we ever be friends again?" He looked at me with his beautiful ocean blue eyes. He said "Yes. But wouldn't that bring your popularity down. I thought for a second and said "It will but we had a great freindship." He said "Want to know something?" I said "Okay." He said "I had a crush on you." I said "Really?" He said "Yea." I said "I have a crush on you too." He kissed me and I felt my cheeks get hot. I said "Wanna know something?" He said "Of course." I said "That was my first kiss." He looked suprised. Then he said "Will you please go on a date with me?" I said "Of course."

*Sorry this is a short chapter the next one will be longer*

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