I think it's a poem all can relate to. Enough said ;D


1. Gone

"I guess this is it." I had murmured.

You replied softly, "I suppose so."

And with that you stumbled out the door.

I stared out the window: my last sight;

It seemed like a lengthened eternity.

As you drove further, further down the road.

"Take care my friend." And without a reply,

I guess that was our final, sad goodbye.


We had our high ups and of course our downs,

Now, just memories hanging on the wall:

Now, just faded glimpses of great, passed times.

A tear falls as I take a speedy look,

Because I clearly recall them all.

I thought I wouldn't see this day soon:

That I'd refer to that "Good Old Day",

'Til it was too late for my words to sway.


A year from then and not a day more.

I looked out that window and remembered:

That same old day: the day you were gone.

I choke in despair and try to move on,

But how can I when you were all of me?

I wonder if you still remember "us".

'Cause your memory is engraved in stone,

Still in my heart, you linger as a guest.


Two years from then and a year passed and came.

The memories hanging all on my wall:

The memories of all those "Good Old Days"

I picked one off, and began to look close.

Of course, the same passion came to my eyes,

It all came falling down off my cheek.

I whispered, "Happy Birthday, my friend."

I put it to my heart; held it dear.


Four years now, and just a few more days,

The heartache wore: it has been so long.

I take a walk down the road you left.

Miles and miles: I find that I have tread.

By the time I hit five-thousand; I fall.

A stranger grabs my hand and takes me in.

I explain all that has happened to me:

The old stranger sits there in confusion.


It was silent and spiritless in there.

The stranger looked extremely sorrowful:

Suddenly he takes a tight hold of me.

"Are you my friend?" I ask bewildered.

I wish I had not asked after this:

"No, he had a tragic accident,

In fact, just yesterday; it happened."

My face paled and all I did was weep.


So now, three years passed since that one day,

And I still have those flashback of "us",

All remembering our "Good Old Days".

And I look out the same old window,

In hopes that maybe you'd return to me.

The tears come rushing these days; I miss you.

Down the road, I saw you coming back up:

The stranger... was mistaken? I ran out.

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