Changed my life

Melony was a girl with a rough life. She lived in the bad side of town, her Dad was an alcoholic, nobody cared where she was or if she came home; She was emotionally beat down. Pain showed in her blue eyes. She couldn't take much more of it and then her life changed forever. She saw her favorite band in front of her and after that nothing would be the same.


6. Meeting the boys

I finally woke up. It was 10:00 am. I grabbed my phone and read the text. It said "Hey, listen. Come over at 10:00am and we can get some breakfast." Shoot! I rushed to my bag and threw on some jeans and a sort of clear turquoise blouse on with a bandeau underneath. Then I ran into the bathroom tripping over a pillow. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and put a tad bit of make up on. When I knocked on Zayn's door it was 10:15. He opened it and gestured to come in. "Hey, sorry I'm late, I got your text at 10 so I had to get ready and.." I was really out of breath. "It's fine. Anyway I made some eggs, but I want you to meet the boys so their coming over if that's ok?" What did he mean by the boys? I will find out soon enough. "Yeah, that's great." Soon after that a guy with really blond hair still wearing his pajamas walked in. "I smelled food so I came over." He had a thick irish accent. "Hey, Niall. Vas happenin?" Zayn said.  Niall was already eating. His mouth was stuffed with bacon, but then he swallowed and walked over to me. He had a huge smile on his face. "Hey, I'm Niall. You must be the girl Zayn's been talking about." I shook his hand and said. "Hi, I'm Melony. Nice to meet you." As I was talking to Niall about food and Nandos two other boys walked in. "Louis in the house!" Niall screamed and tackled Louis. Zayn went to greet them. "Hey Louis, hey Liam." They introduced themselves to me, sat down, and ate.  20 minutes went by and we were just talking and then another person came through the door. He had brown curly hair and a gorgeous face. He casually walked in not even noticing he was late. There was a big cheeky smile on his face. He walked over and said hi to everyone. Then he walked over to me. "Hi, I'm Harry Styles, and you are..." He is so cute. "I'm Melony." He stared straight into my eyes and said, "Nice to meet you Melony," and walked away.

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