Changed my life

Melony was a girl with a rough life. She lived in the bad side of town, her Dad was an alcoholic, nobody cared where she was or if she came home; She was emotionally beat down. Pain showed in her blue eyes. She couldn't take much more of it and then her life changed forever. She saw her favorite band in front of her and after that nothing would be the same.


2. Is this my life now?

I ran until my feet were numb. It was getting dark and I had no where to stay. I got out of the sketchy side of town and headed towards Queen's resort. There was a small abandoned building there that I would go to when Dan was drunk or abusive. It was the safest place I knew of. I walked in and looked around. Is this really my life right now? I am homeless. Homeless! I can't believe what I just got myself into. I am definitely not going back home. Dan will beat the crap out of me. I will just have to stay here. It was a cold restless night. I had decided that since I only had 20 bucks, I needed a job. Wow. I am independent, but right now it isn't what I imagined. Argentina is where I want to be, but that's never going to happen. I guess I just have to accept the fact that my dreams will never come true. Outside of the window there was screaming. "Your fired Mary!" "That's fine because, I quit!" The girl threw her maid apron on the ground and drove off. This was my chance! I ran out of the building and walked up to an angry woman who was muttering to herself. "Hi! I'm Melony. I sorta over heard you talking to that girl...I think her name was Mary." The lady looked up from the ground and said "Yeah that's Mary alright. I won't see her again. The little nasty was late for the third time! Unacceptable."  I looked the woman straight in the eyes. "Well if you need anybody to take her place, I would be happy to. I really need a job and I can start today!"  Then she smiled. "Good, because we need somebody to clean up a few rooms. They are a mess. Meet me back here as soon as possible and I can get you started."  Wow I did not know that getting a job would be so easy. 

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