Changed my life

Melony was a girl with a rough life. She lived in the bad side of town, her Dad was an alcoholic, nobody cared where she was or if she came home; She was emotionally beat down. Pain showed in her blue eyes. She couldn't take much more of it and then her life changed forever. She saw her favorite band in front of her and after that nothing would be the same.


3. First Day

I started to pack my things. I didn't have much but it would last for now. I ran to the back door of the resort and walked inside. A voice jumped up from behind me. "Wow, your a fast one. I like that about you. Listen here are the keys to the rooms. I will have you do 3 today. It's not a lot but, I need to see how you do and teach you a few things." I grabbed the keys. "What's your name by the way?" I said. "It's Boss. Now here are your work clothes. Get dressed in the locker rooms." I hurried down the hallway, putting my hair in a sloppy bun on the way. Then I set off for the first room. It was on the 7th floor. Easy enough. I went inside the room and started to clean. I made the bed, cleaned the toilets, and made everything spotless. Boss walked in. She looked around clearly judging my skills. "Not bad Melony. Next time try to clean the shower. There will always be hair clogged up in the draining system." Too much information, but I just put on a smile and nodded. She finally left me to myself to clean  the other two rooms. The next one was a breeze, but the last one...not so much. It was on the top floor in room 743. I had never seen such a mess in my whole life and my house was messy. I was about an hour into cleaning. I was working on the shower. Boss was right, there was a whole lot of hair in there. The curtain was shut and I heard a doorknob turn. The person who rents the room must be here. Before they could actually go do their business, I decided to reveal myself. "Ahhhh you scared the living sh*t out of me!" Dear god. I wasn't just looking up at a strange ordinary man. I was looking up at a shirtless Zayn Malik. "Oh no. I'm sooo sorry. I swear I'm just the maid, not some crazy fan or anything! I was just cleaning the shower drain!"  He smiled a tad and then said "It's fine haha have a seat. Let me just throw a shirt on." I nodded and sat down. Was this really happening. Did I really just meet Zayn Malik on my first day at work? And did he really just ask me to stay?!

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