Changed my life

Melony was a girl with a rough life. She lived in the bad side of town, her Dad was an alcoholic, nobody cared where she was or if she came home; She was emotionally beat down. Pain showed in her blue eyes. She couldn't take much more of it and then her life changed forever. She saw her favorite band in front of her and after that nothing would be the same.


1. Could this get any worse

"Melony get down here right now!" Dan said. Oh great, what did I do now? Dan is my dad. Well, he's only 34 because he got my mom pregnant when she was 16. If you did the math, that makes me 18. Yup I was stuck with this guy for my whole life...and I hate him. He is the killer of all happiness and he lives in the same house as I do. "Melony, I said get down here!" "Fine, I'm coming!" I walked down the rotted plywood stairs and went into the kitchen. Dan just stood there, arms crossed holding a white envelope. Oh my god. Is that what I think it is? Why did he have to get the mail today. He has never gotten the mail, but of course he had to get it today. Just my luck. "Mel, explain this to me!" As he yelled I could smell the rum and cigarette smoke in his breath. "Listen, I just applied. I didn't think you would find out. I mean you never get the mail and..." "Melony read this to me." He looked at me with those piercing eyes that scare me to death. I grabbed the envelope, took out the letter, and started to read. "Dear Miss Melony Lansing. We are very pleased to congratulate you. You have been one of the chosen recipients for the foreign exchange program. We have assigned you to a family in Argentina. Please respond to us for confirmation. Thank you. From the NFEP (national foreign exchange program)."  I looked up from reading. Dan's face was a fiery red. "Dan please let me go. I will not sit here and rot my life away since you won't pay for me to go to college" "You went behind my back and signed up for this. How dare you! No you will not go. I already emailed them assuring that you are not allowed. Now go upstairs. You are grounded!"  "No! I am not going upstairs and I am going to Argentina!" Then in the blink of an eye, Dan hit me straight in the face. It was an excruciating pain. I ran upstairs, packed my clothes and my phone and sprinted out the door.

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