Changed my life

Melony was a girl with a rough life. She lived in the bad side of town, her Dad was an alcoholic, nobody cared where she was or if she came home; She was emotionally beat down. Pain showed in her blue eyes. She couldn't take much more of it and then her life changed forever. She saw her favorite band in front of her and after that nothing would be the same.


7. A fun Day

        I couldn't help but stare at Harry. There was just something about him...something mysterious and compelling. I didn't want to get caught staring so I walked to the table and filled my plate with a pile of bacon, eggs, and some toast. I scarfed it all down. "Ah, you sure can eat! I like that!" said Niall with his mouth full of food. "Well who doesn't love bacon?" I replied. "Nobody, I ever want to associate with," Niall exclaimed. We all laughed. Zayn walked over to the table. He had just finished doing his hair in the mirror of the hotel room.  "Lets do something fun on our day off boys! Hey Mel, you know anything fun we can do?" I sat on the couch and thought about it. Then I remembered. I jumped up with excitement! " I have the perfect idea, but you guys might need bathing suits." They all looked at each other. " What exactly do you have in mind?" asked Harry. "It's a surprise!" An hour later I met them in the lobby. We got a cab and I told the cab driver the directions. " That will be 15 dollars please." exclaimed the cab driver holding out his hand. "Here, I got it," said Zayn. He gave the driver the money and we were off. We arrived 20 minutes later at the edge of town by the woods. "It's a small hike from here, but I promise it's worth it," I said. We walked for a few minutes and ended up on the top of a waterfall pouring into a lake. "Well here we are. This is one of my favorite spots!" Before I knew it Liam and Harry sprinted off the top of the waterfall and plunged into the lake below. They laughed and swam and soon we all followed. Louis did a front flip and Niall belly flopped. Zayn didn't want to ruin his hair , but he jumped in anyway. I climbed back up to the top of the waterfall and stood there for a minute, deciding what jump to do. I noticed Harry staring at me. I just looked down at my feet avoiding eye contact and then I felt hands on my back. Louis pushed me in. I screamed, only of shock and then Harry and Zayn swam over to see if I was okay. I laughed and told them I was fine, but Harry looked concerned. He pushed my hair out of my face and stared into my eyes. He had beautiful eyes. " Are you sure your okay?" I noticed Zayn looking at Harry annoyed. "Um yeah yeah I'm fine." We all swam to shore dried off and left. I couldn't help but think about Zayn the whole way home. He was so sweet, but there was just something about Harry. I like Zayn. I can't like Harry. No way.                                                            Hey guys, it's the author. I am sorry I totally forgot about this account but I will update now I promise and It will be frequent. Love you all. I'm so sorry I haven't updated!

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