My Way To London

Well im new to this but its about, a girl named Jess and her friend Alex,they both love 1D so much that its Jess' birthday and Alex wins them both a ticket to London and when they get there in the suprise that they both don't know they meet one direction and they all fall :)


1. Wake up Call -_-

Jess' P.O.V.

Well it's my birthday...i hate my birthday so much. But you gotta enjoy it for the family and friends who support you for anything right? Well my name is Jessica, people call me Jess and today i turned 19. Me and my bestfriend Alex share the same birthday but im a year older :P. We live together and we live all the way in New York and i've always wanted to go to London, so does Alex. My parents died 3 years ago on my 16th birthday on our way home from the Staaten and it was bad...anyway before i start to cry, im sleeping right now and i dont know how im talking to myself..akward blank dream.Then i start to hear noises and i feel myself moving..what the fuck.?Then i hear,"Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake you you shower of cunts!!!!!!!! It's your damn birthday and were going out!!!" I open my eyes and stare at her. Devil eyes. She backs up out of the room and shuts the door and shouts,"Happy Birthday and um come downstairs i have breakfast ready luv ya!(:" "LOVE YOU TOOOOO!!!!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!". So i get out of bed and walk over to the mirror. Take my brush and roughly comb my ugly blonde hair..i hate my hair so much,my face, my weight im so fat and disgusting!, i thought.So i throw on a pink Hollister shirt with my Lime Green booty shorts and go down stairs. i find a huge table of food! :) . Then Alex has to interrupt my beautiful stare by saying,"Before you eat come over here and get your present!" She smiled so big!. "But Alex! you said that we promised not to get eachother anything and you agreed to never break that promise you whore!" i smiled and she did too. "Well just this one time! Please come open it!". "Fine" i say very meanly and walk over to the pink bag that says once inna' lifetime<3. I look at her before opening it, and then i slowly reach for the bag and i open it. I couldn't believe what i saw.

*~Authors Note~*
~Hey guys please dont hate its my first chapter to my first movella and like and comment but thank you if you do read :) ~

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