The Shadow Creatures

This is just something that I'm working on that I'd like some opinions on please I would be very greatful of any comments.

Meisha and Reiksha are so diffrent but so the same. They have both been born into roles they didn't want and are now faced with the hard decisions of having to lead others and their lives at the same time. Their fates intertwined by their destinys but will that make a diffrence when only one can lead?


5. Reiksha

Chapter 5 - Reiksha


“I don’t trust him” Naya’s voice was flat and laced with suspicion. It was strange for a Kin especially one such as Lucas Karne to walk away from a fight, and one that determined the control of all of The Kin. “He seemed lacking” “Lacking?” Naya looked at me questioningly. I nodded, “His numbers, I glanced them and they were a quarter if not less of us” “We could have finished him easily” “Do you think he retreated to gain numbers?” I asked. I heard the growl of realisation bubble in Naya’s chest “I shouldn’t have let him go” he snapped. I shook my head, “It was my choice to make, not yours, I’ve had enough blood spilt for one day”.

He’d come for me again. This was certain. I headed back to The Kin village. The Kin had long ago settled in this town where I stand now. They had made refuge among the humans keeping from them what we are. They had settled for a long time when a young cub had put his mind to a rebellion. His name was Farya Spalpeen Trekina. In our language Farya means stubborn one, Spalpeen means rascal and Trekina means determined one. He was meant for trouble the day he was given his handle. Each Kin has Kin in their name to symbolise who they are. Farya was my great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

Farya had lived among the humans as a human until he came the age of 19 (ironically the same age I am now). He had lived as a human by day and by night he would transform into his true skin with the other Kin that lived in the town. He began to grow tired of hiding from the humans, to being diminished and feeling lesser than a kind he felt lesser than himself. Farya took it upon himself to start a war with the humans. On a dark night in August he revealed himself and along with the other rebel Kin he had corrupted he slew every human in the town and any who tried to stand against him including his own father and mother.

Farya rebuilt the town in his image of The Kin and formed The Kin as a whole. He changed the town into a village to accommodate The Kin, the houses made of wood and old stone to look like cottages, they were made to fit The Kin’s every need and they worshiped him for his victories. He ruled over them for many years and had five sons and one daughter. Of all his younglings only the daughter survived as he slew his sons for trying to take his place. It is from her my bloodline descends.

The Kin have been strong ever since that day of rebellion, and as each new generation of Trekina comes they ready themselves to be the leader they were born to be. I was the only youngling of my carers and have begun to lead The Kin since I became 15 when I was saved by one of The Kin who took me from the humans grasps and showed me the truth and my true blood. Naya has been at my side since that day and has never left.

Naya and myself were matched for mates since birth and were separated until they thought the right time would be. I have been pushed significantly recently to take a mate and pushed even more so to take Naya as a mate. He was raised and trained for the position of leader that he would take when he ruled after I took him as a mate. From day 1 he has been groomed perfectly for the role. I do not wish to pick Naya however. I feel strongly for him but he has been reared to feel the way he does about me, act the way he acts. I could never take a mate that wasn’t truly himself no matter how strongly he believed he was. I know it would be a lie if I did.



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