The Shadow Creatures

This is just something that I'm working on that I'd like some opinions on please I would be very greatful of any comments.

Meisha and Reiksha are so diffrent but so the same. They have both been born into roles they didn't want and are now faced with the hard decisions of having to lead others and their lives at the same time. Their fates intertwined by their destinys but will that make a diffrence when only one can lead?


3. Reiksha

Chapter 3 - Reiksha


Lucas walked forward out of his ranks to half way between my pack and his. I took a step forward only to be met by an arm in my way. I looked to the direction the arm had come from and saw the young male who had informed me of Lucas’s arrival. “Please” his voice almost begging me not to leave the safety of the ranks. “A true leader does not cower behind the cubs. Now move your arm … or lose it” my tone was acidic and demanded authority. He moved his arm and bowed his head.

I walked to the centre to meet Lucas. “Well well well” his voice sounded almost sarcastic as I reached him. “The young cub is all grown up” a growl rumbled in my throat threateningly. “I’m no cub Lucas” I spat. “it seems not” he replied and looked me over up and down. “Finished?” I didn’t hide the acidic hiss in my voice. The glint in his eyes were playful.

“What is it you want Lucas?” “I think you know” he replied coolly. I didn’t respond. He made an elaborate gesture by out stretching his arms and gesturing to all around him which made me give out a threatening growl automatically. A chorus of growls was let off behind me in an automatic response to my reaction.

“I see you have a few supporters” his voice sounded almost mocking. “Their MY kin, I’M the leader, and this is MY birthright” he snorted at my response causing me to let another growl lose. “what kind of leader” he looked at me now “growls every two seconds, and cannot have a civil conversation” he said coldly. I clenched my jaw.

“I’m not letting you take this from me” “Without me you WOULDN’T have this!” he snapped a growl almost letting lose from the tone of his voice. At that he turned on his heels and walked back to his followers. I followed suit.

As I walked back to my Kin each pair of eyes looked at mine, each awaiting my command. I walked through them to the back of the ranks. Naya met me at the back of the ranks, his expression full of worry and concern. “you don’t look your handle” I stated as I went to greet him. “Of course not, I was worried about you” his voice was soft and the worry was still evident in his tone.

“I do not look mine?” “always” he replied. “must we always look our name?” he asked. “your Kin handle is who you are” I replied. He sighed and looked out towards the impending war.

When you are Kin like myself and Naya you are named as accordance with the language of our Kin. Our handle (or better known as name) defines us, says who we our. In our language Naya means strong, but looking at him then he just looked like a frightened child. I pitied him for that.

Growls were sounded from our rivals. It had begun.



Everyone moved their gazes then, they all looked to my left, and the ranks on the left looked right. They were looking at something. At someone. Each pair of eyes looking eager to see them, and those who did looked both frightened and in admiration. Even Anya had that look on her face and I felt a twinge in my gut for my lost friend.

She left the ranks then. The one they were all staring at. She was walking towards him. They met between our side and his. His yellow eyes luminescent in the darkness, and even though it was pitch I could see him easily. His very presence sent a shiver down my back, except this time I was sure it was not from the cold that had fast evaporated since his presence.

Her blood red hair glistened against the blackness of the night as she stood next to him. I couldn’t help but feel envious of her. She was very beautiful and seemed to these people very powerful but she scared me never the less, something about her just said “Dangerous”, and it made my insides crawl. I wondered if they could not feel that.

Suddenly a growl was let out from her and the whole of ‘The Kin’ growled in response, even Anya I noted to myself silently feeling the knife in my gut twist at seeing my once best friend brain washed into one of them.

I looked back to him. He turned back to his group and she turned back towards us and started heading towards us. She walked through the ranks and walked straight past me, each set of eyes following her as she did. I felt myself blush red as so many eyes were looking in my direction as she passed and I felt very out of place at that moment. She walked towards a tall, broad man at the back of our ranks and stood by his side. I wondered silently to myself whether they were together and then I told myself I didn’t actually care and dismissed all thoughts of her all together.

A sudden plethora of howls was let out from the group opposite us, my head snapped round to see them. The ranks were doing something strange and really weird, I didn’t understand it even Anya was doing it. They were all putting their shoulders far back, some began twisting in weird ways, others at the front only crouched and shook their heads side to side viciously before they dropped out of sight. I watched as each one before me dropped one by one. It was getting closer and closer.

I didn’t know what it was. Couldn’t understand what it was. I wanted to scream but the scream was caught in my throat and I could hardly breath let alone scream. I saw as each row of the ranks would drop out of sight. I could only see five rows ahead of me now. Each row making really weird exaggerated gestures and twisting in really weird convulsive ways.

I felt my breath coming quicker and quicker as my chest tightened feeling the dread of what I thought surely awaited me too. And then it got to the row in front of me and I saw. I saw what was happening, I felt my stomach twist as I witnessed Anya infrint of me go through it.

After the row in front of her had dropped out of my line of view she started to shake, they all did on her row. She moved her shoulders really far back and a visible shiver went down her back. She rolled her head around once, I caught a glimpse of her eyes, they seemed to be rolling in almost a enthralled way. Her fingers and hands locked in a claw like position. A shiver ran visibly down her back again. Her ears grew, her nose grew, her teeth grew and her canines became prominent. Her nails grew, her spine seemed to stretch from under her skin and became a tail, she shook her head once violently and dropped to the floor. As she stood she was on four legs, long brown fur covered her entire body, she had paws where hands once were, her back went up to where her head had once been up to.

And then I dropped.



The Kin were ready. Row by row they obeyed my command. Row by row they dropped and became their true selves, became the true Kin. I watched as one by one they took on the transformation, for the rows at the front the transaction was quite smooth most simply shaking into their true form. As the transformation began to travel further back among the rows the transaction became more broken and longer. With each new row it took longer, they had more effort shaking into their form. By the time it hit the last few rows it took a good 10 minuets for The Kin to transform into their true forms, their body’s fighting this new foreign experience.

I didn’t expect anything else though. The rows at the front were more experience, they had been awakened Kin longer and so were use to their true forms and the transaction between their two forms. The rows further back however were not, the further back the row the newer the Kin and so they found it more difficult. Each however took their turn and transform. Each that is except one.

I noticed her as she watched in blind fear of the whole event. For most new Kin this is the reaction to witnessing a change before they themselves have changed so that did not alarm me too much; but as the transformation hit her row and her fellow Kin on her row began to transform she stood in horror and then dropped to the floor, but not due to the transformation. She fainted.

I looked to Naya desperately. He looked at me and gave a sharp nod making his way down to the back row and lifting her into his arms. He carried her back to me and stood beside me looking at me with her in his arms awaiting my judgement. I passed my critical gaze over her, looking her up and down best I could in her crumpled state. She didn’t appear to have a defect, all the same she did not look like us.

“Are you sure she’s one of us?” I asked him whilst I continued to assess the young girl. “positive” “how can you be sure?” I asked this time looking up at him and into his eye. “she is Meisha … Caldrayan’s daughter” his voice was steady but I could hear the hint of fear in his voice from even saying his name. “I see” I said looking her over again. I nod sharply and he lays her down on the soft banking behind.

Caldrayan was a warrior of our kind and a very powerful one at that. He is one of the founders of our kind and had for many years succeeded in controlling all Kin and all else he came into contact with, for years he had dominated battle field spilling blood of those who crossed his path, to some he was a hero others a murderer. He was in control of all but was not in charge of all that was left to Teraksha. Teraksha was my father. A ruler. A king. There was none who would cross his path, he was even more fierce than Caldrayan and the very presence of him demanded respect and obedience.

I did not blame him for being frightened of the child or her father because of such a high and bloody reputation. If I had not been in the position I was in perhaps I would have been too. Perhaps.

I looked out towards my Kin now. They were all ready. The battle growls rippled from the teeth of each of them. I smiled. I saw as Lucas and his followers advanced, still in human form I noted, as they came more clear into view I saw they were vastly lacking in comparison to us and that made me smile. I looked at Naya standing next to me and he began to make the transaction from his current form to his true form. He shook his head in one powerful motion and his first skin fell away into nothingness revealing his true form.

Naya was by far larger than the other Kin. His fur was a deep brown almost black like his human forms hair. His stance powerful and just one look at him brought a smile to my lips. How could I doubt his strength? Sure his human form showed weakness now and again, but this. This was true strength.

I met Lucas’s gaze from across the field. He shook into his true form and his followers obeyed by following suit. They weren’t as big as my Kin nor as powerful. I shook into my true form. It was easy, painless. I was so use to it now it was as normal as breathing. My blood red fur glistened in the moon light. I bared my teeth in insubordination. I was ready for war.

I took one look back at the young girl still passed out on the soft banking and then turned back to face my enemies. It was time to show them who was the truest of our Kin.

The battle roars sounded the howls for blood pounded through the night. And it began. Wolf charging towards wolf. Paws pounding on the earth towards their enemy, teeth snapping jaws clenching, blood spilling into the night.


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