The Shadow Creatures

This is just something that I'm working on that I'd like some opinions on please I would be very greatful of any comments.

Meisha and Reiksha are so diffrent but so the same. They have both been born into roles they didn't want and are now faced with the hard decisions of having to lead others and their lives at the same time. Their fates intertwined by their destinys but will that make a diffrence when only one can lead?


4. Meisha

Chapter 4 -Meisha


When I awoke there was a woman standing over me. The same woman everyone had been looking at with such eager admiration before. I tried to sit up, a man standing next to her rushed to help me, it was the same man I’d seen stand next to her before and had wondered if they were together. “how do you feel?” the woman said no emotion touching the tone of her voice. I brought my hand to my head feeling the dizziness begin to set in. “erm … okay, abit dizzy” I answered honestly. She nodded once sharply and continued to look at me as though I was a weird science project or something. You’re the freaks here, I thought to myself.

We looked at one another for a moment, assessing one another. Her blood red hair was tangled and slightly matted in places, like she had run through a storm almost. Her pale skin glowed in the moon light, her body - from what I could see of it - was covered in scratches and blood stains; there were points where I wasn’t sure if the blood was even her own or not. Her stance seemed slightly rigid as if she was uncomfortable in her own skin. And although she was covered in what looked like the marks of battle it wasn’t that which scared me, it was her eyes. Those piercing silver eyes, no mercy only ferocity. A monster.

“So do you want to tell me what that was out there?” her tone flat again with a hint of acidic ferocity to it. At that I got annoyed and snapped back “I was hoping you could tell me that”. She lifted her eyebrows in surprise and continued to look at me.

“Who is your father?” She continued. “Colin Mere” my answer came out more feeble and shaken than I‘d have wished. She exchanged a glance with the male standing next to her as I sat in blind confusion at the whole situation.

“Who named you?” She snapped at me all of a sudden and took me slightly off guard. “Excuse me?” I answered. “Who named you?” I could hear the tone in her voice cracking slightly with impatience. “I’m not sure” my voice quivered. “Well think” She snapped back, “My dad I guess, I’m not sure, my mom left when I was little so I suppose it would make sense for my dad to name me and I gue …” I rambled on trying to make sense of everything, trying to understand why she was asking me all these questions and what my father had to do with any of thins. She held up her hand to me and I shut up instantly.

“Your Mother left?” She looked at me. “Erm … yes but I …” she held up her hand again cutting me off from my answer. I was starting to get annoyed with her incessant questions and when I did answer her cutting me off mid-way through a sentence. I wondered silently to myself whether she did that often, whether it was either a really bad habit she had or she was just an arse as I predicted she was.

She was quiet for a moment, both her and the male next to her sharing a long look that said they were having a private silent conversation. These people kept getting weirder and weirder.

She looked back to me again. “What did you say your name was?”, “Meisha” I answered trying to regain control of my voice, her expression looked slightly shocked. The astoundingly she smiled. I began to panic slightly, wondering whether I should run now. “You have a very beautiful name Meisha” she said finally. I smiled thinking it only polite and I didn’t want to piss her off. “My father said it means something, but he never told me what he just said someday I’ll find out until then I have to be patient” I said trying to fill the silence between us that had accumulated, she nodded. “your father is wise”.

Her brows then furrowed. “Do you know who we are?” she asked more softly this time. “The Kin” I said quite sarcastically, feeling the control seep back into my voice. She nodded again, “do you know what we are?” “Freaks” I replied, a growl rumbled in the mans chest next to her, she held out her hand and placed it softly on his chest and he settled her gaze never leaving mine. “Do you know what you are?” her voice was probing but still soft. “Not like you” I answered plainly. She nodded once, stood up very formally and walked off, the man following me leaving me completely on my own.



I saw the way she looked at me. The way disgust was plain on her face. I felt the way she trembled in my presence, how she looked every inch of me over as if trying to understand what I was, trying to make sure I wasn’t a threat. By the look on her face I was.

I was still uncertain about her. The way she didn’t have the same scent as the other Kin, the way she looked at The Kin, her every movement was so unyielding even for a new un-awakened Kin. I looked into her eyes, so full of fear and loathing towards me.

“How do you feel?” I said to the youngling as she looked up at me. She brought her hand to her head and a queasy expression passed her face. “erm … okay, abit dizzy” She answered quietly. I nodded once sharply and continued to look at her in bewilderment.

I looked at her for a moment, assessing her and I felt her doing the same to me. I didn’t blame her she had every right, although I saw the expression in her eyes, she was terrified. She saw in me what I saw in myself when I look into my reflection now. A monster. I knew this and I didn’t need her to tell me so, I could feel it, feel as her skin crawled with disgust.

“So do you want to tell me what that was out there?” I asked in a flat tone, I hear the hint of acidic ferocity in my voice. “I was hoping you could tell me that” she snapped back at me surprisingly. “Who is your father?” I asked her. “Colin Mere” her answer was feeble and shaken. I looked to Naya, he had the same expression I presume I had on my face also. Caldrayan was a very powerful Kin why he would diminish his name to that of the human kind was a bewilderment. If this truly was the daughter of Caldrayan why was she so weak, after all Caldrayan meant ’the blood-thirsty one’ in our language, yet she seemed so timid.

“Are you positive of her blood line?” I hissed at Naya. He seemed worried for a moment, “But her name” he replied. I looked at her again, “Who named you?” “Excuse me?” she looked at me in perplexity. “Who named you?” the tone in my voice cracking slightly with impatience. “I’m not sure” her voice quivered, “Well think”, “My dad I guess, I’m not sure, my mom left when I was little so I suppose it would make sense for my dad to name me and I gue …” he voice trailed off in a nervous blur on nonsense, I held up my hand and she quieted instantly.

“Your Mother left?” “Erm … yes but I …” I held up my hand again before the dribble of nonsense started again. It was very common for the mother of Kin to leave their young, especially when the father was of high power, this was done to ensure a stronger breed of Kin with the father passing on his dominant blood-thirsty ways. Of course not all mothers left their younglings, but among The Kin most saw it best if they did. Unless of course the mother had more power than the father in which case the father would leave; although this rarely happened at all, even with more powerful females the males would take the carer role as women among The Kin are seen as more important and do not have time to raise a youngling they could have many more if they so wished but as far as younglings are concerned the mothers mostly feel their duty stops after she no longer has to carry it.

This is a harsh but true fact among The Kin, I had a difficult raising where both my carers had left and had handed me over to a human adoption centre, I went through many homes as a child until one of The Kin finally saved me and showed me my true heritage. Naya in comparison was very fortunate as both his carers stayed with him. I looked at him standing at my side and wondered if that was why he was so powerful from a lower rank of The Kin.

I looked back to the young girl again. “What did you say your name was?”, “Meisha” her answer unlike the rest was more powerful, as if her very birthright sung out in her name. I smiled, her father had named her well. “You have a very beautiful name Meisha” she smiled for the first time making the stars seem dull, I could see I that smile how well fitted she was to her name, “My father said it means something, but he never told me what he just said someday I’ll find out until then I have to be patient” I nodded “your father is wise”

I felt my brows furrow then. “Do you know who we are?” I asked more softly this time. “The Kin” I heard the sarcasm in her voice. I nodded again, “Do you know what we are?” “Freaks” she replied, a growl rumbled in the Naya’s chest next to me, I held out my hand and placed it softly on his chest and he settled my gaze never leaving hers. “Do you know what you are?” I probed. “Not like you” She answered plainly.

I nodded one. I felt no need to stay anymore, she was well, despite my suspicions she seems to be one of us but there was still a war going on and I couldn’t leave my Kin forever, so I turned and went back to my fight, I felt Naya follow on behind me.

The howls from the battlefield echoed through the night sky, blood painted the grass red, each wolf as courageous as the next and I felt the pride in my Kin well up inside of me.

I could see Lucas in the middle of the field, his haunches raised getting ready to pounce upon his next victim, then he caught my gaze. We stayed like that for a few moment, then he charged towards me. Naya ripped into his true form, standing in front of me like he would kill any who approached me. Lucas stopped a few inches from Naya’s growling form, his heckles raised waiting for the attack.

Lucas shook into his human first skin and stood before us. Naya growled stepping only slightly away from me but refusing to make the transition into his other form. “Not today” Lucas said flatly. I looked at him in bewilderment. “This fight” Lucas turned to see the ongoing battle behind him “This is enough for today, I don’t want anymore blood-shed, I shall win next time, but today … today is enough” I looked at him cautiously then nodded in reply. Naya looked at me, I could see the suspicion dancing in his eyes.


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