The Shadow Creatures

This is just something that I'm working on that I'd like some opinions on please I would be very greatful of any comments.

Meisha and Reiksha are so diffrent but so the same. They have both been born into roles they didn't want and are now faced with the hard decisions of having to lead others and their lives at the same time. Their fates intertwined by their destinys but will that make a diffrence when only one can lead?


2. Meisha

Chapter 2 - Meisha


When I finally got there a violent hiss erupted from James. “where were you?” every word sounded more fierce than the last as he glared down at me. I made my meek apology and slipped into the back behind Anya.

I didn’t want this. I’d never asked for it. Never wanted it. And yet here it was. I was one of ‘The Kin’ as they called it; and that’s not something you can run away from … apparently. Although my tone towards ‘The Kin’ is much more sarcastic than theirs, they take it very seriously, personally I see the whole thing as a big joke, twisted and demented with delusional people who think their … different.

The coldness lapped against my skin again as I stood there. I knew what they’d see; a blonde little scared girl with timid green eyes and trembling so hard she looks like she might either faint or wet herself. I was never built for this kind of stuff, I didn’t understand why the rest weren’t shivering, the air was so cold and sharp it could cut you in half. But I had no choice. An order was an order and this lot took things way too seriously.

I watched the copious glowing eyes staring hungrily into the deep blackness where more pairs of glowing eyes met their gaze. These people were strange they acted almost animistic, some of them even sounding it. They all had these weird eyes that glowed, which isn’t normal, but here. I wasn’t normal. My eyes didn’t glow. I didn’t act like a wild beast. I was petrified. I didn’t want to be here. But it was an order.

I just wanted my old life back. The one where I could snuggle underneath the bed sheets and let the world slip away. The one where my biggest problem was getting spots. This was a whole new ball game, and I didn’t want to play.

I looked at all the faces of ‘The Kin’, their features different from normal people but the same as each other, a warrior in each gaze, an animal in each stance. And then there was me. Anya was a recently new kin. She was like me once and we use to joke about how weird they all were and how they were all so serious. A few weeks ago she stopped talking to me, I didn’t see her for a little while, it was like she had just disappeared over night. Then she turned up a few days ago. She seemed different, changed.

She stopped joking about ‘The Kin’ and whenever I mentioned them she would just glare at me and tell me to grow up and that I only said those things because I don’t understand. She still looked like the same Anya though. But now, looking at her, she looked like them. Her eyes once a beautiful sky blue had turned yellow like theirs. Even she looked like a force not to be reckoned with. I realised now just how alone I was. I wasn’t one of them. I was suddenly blinded with fear. And then I saw him.


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