The Shadow Creatures

This is just something that I'm working on that I'd like some opinions on please I would be very greatful of any comments.

Meisha and Reiksha are so diffrent but so the same. They have both been born into roles they didn't want and are now faced with the hard decisions of having to lead others and their lives at the same time. Their fates intertwined by their destinys but will that make a diffrence when only one can lead?


1. Meisha

Chapter 1 - Meisha


Glowing eyes gleam from beneath the darkness. A pulse too loud. A heart beat too fast. A shifting in the blackness. Breath too heavy for comfort. Unable to focus. Eyes darting like mad dragonflies. Silence so hick it’s deafening.

“Brring … Brring” the sudden blast of sound to the room screamed through my ears. “Brring … Brring” the phone continued complaining in the same place I had carelessly thrown it on my bed some short hours ago.

A cold chill ran across my skin and through my bones. Icy fingers running across my neck, down my shoulders. I turn on my heel to be hit by a wave of shivers that forces my eyes shut against the shuddery impact. When I open them again … nothing. Just cold, emptiness.

The persistent ringing continues. Reluctance washes over me like the drizzle before rain hits. Making my way over to the bed, every step is heavier than the last, less determined, less interested. I pick up the phone, it dances wildly in my hand. I freeze.

The long white ribbon of glowing ivory long since forgotten catches my line of sight in the blackness. The phone still sounding madly in my hand, the noise becomes a faint buzz to the room falling away around me.

People. I see people. in front of me. A young girl and what appears to be her father. The father; he’s saying something, I’m so far away I cannot hear. I can’t … “Brring …” the tenacious wail cuts through the image in front of me and yet again everything is black and cold. I look down at the phone in my hand and hit the answer button not even caring to check the caller I.D.


A symphony of howls echo’s down the receiver of the phone. I hit the end button and run out the door.



She lifted her head up to the black sky above and laughed almost seductively. Her silver eyes gleaming dangerous and enchanting. Hunger glistened in her predatory gaze; a gaze that could trap many in there place.

Her hand absently ran down the males chest next to her. I watched as he rolled his eyes back paralyzed with the current of power. Her smile was slight, cunning, hungry. Everything about her screamed predator, the way she held her self, the way her prey seemed willing to throw them selves at her feet willingly.

She moved her hand to lace her finger through her hair, weaving between the strands absently, yet her gaze never wavering. The icy silver eyes seemed to grow colder, in that moment I knew. I knew. I knew my fate was sealed. For in the end we are all victims to the slave of hunger.

It was nothing. Is nothing. All it is, is a reflection. A reflection is all. Nothing. It meant nothing. No. nothing. When I use to look in the mirror I saw desire, hunger … power. Now all I see looking back at me through that reflection is a monster.

I waved my hand dismissing the mirror. I cared to look no more. I have paid the price of vanity too much in the past my price being the loathing of my own reflection. Of the monster I saw staring back at me through my own eyes. I look thinking I’ll find myself in my reflection again someday, but I never do.

I forget how I became this way, this thing, and at the same time I remember all too clearly. I care not for memories now, they bring with them nothing but weakness. Weakness and pain.

“Reiksha”. my eyes darted to the young handsome male standing to my left. I looked him over appraisingly, taking in the broad shoulders and blond hair with piercing green eyes. I nod.

He stumbles slightly over his words, hesitating, I could sense the change in his aura before a word had passed his lips. “Their here”. I watched the cringing of the males body take over automatically as my eyes became hard, deadly. A felt a smile linger on my lips slightly at the sight of seeing such a strong powerful male so servile already.

I bared my teeth slightly as I snapped my orders. “gather the rest” I looked to the male “it time” the male nodded respectfully in response, he turned on his heel and left to bark orders down the phone.

I could smell them now, the reek of the weaker kind. Kin of blood, not of power. I could feel the automatic rumble in my chest building up like the roaring of thunder before the inevitable lightning strikes.

A dozen bright eyes before me gleamed with vicious ferocity that could only be quenched by blood. I shook my hair back, lifted my head and walked through the sired kin and fervent adherents awaiting command. Each stood ready. Each bared their teeth, some snapping them viciously in the direction of our rivals.

The mist lapped at my feet, the soft damp earth filling me with power at my souls, the moon glistening off of my skins. I knew they had no chance. Why would they? I was born by blood into my place, a born leader. I held more power than almost all of the kin put together. Of course there were a few almost as strong as me but I would never let them realise that. This is my territory and I wasn’t just going to hand it over.

The howls of eager blood thirsty kin surrounded me. There he was. His muscular torso and broad shoulders made a threatening statement. He reeked of masculinity and testosterone like a bull on steroids, which looking at him now would probably be an apt description. Even from where I stood I could feel he had grown stronger and I felt

my shoulders look instinctively as the rumble in my chest built again at the startling threat.

His black hair was rough and fell just short of his neck, his fringe hanging over his right eye. His yellow eyes gleamed through the blackness like that of a rat, bright and luminous. His smile was playful and dangerous at the same time. Everything about him screamed “DANGER” his muscles rippled beneath his shirt making an obvious display of his power and ability. For the first time in a long time I was intimidated. But I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing that.

His eyes were cold and emotionless. I took one good look and laughed. Lifting my head to the skies I laughed in obvious amusement and a cruel sting in my laughter rung out clear as a bell. confusion and the suspicion flashed briefly through his eyes. Good. I thought. He seemed so egotistical, he needed to realise he wasn’t the beginning and end of all.


I had met Lucas Karne only once before. It was a few years ago now, I was only young. Nine years ago … so I would have been ten when I first caught a glimpse of the creature stood before me now.

He was two years my senior and even then I found him dazzling. I remember when we had met, I was walking the streets of the town I had most recently made my home. I was in and out of homes my whole life until I reached 13. I remember walking home as the light was fading and a figure appearing from a side street to my left. I turned startled towards the figure, and there he was. Lucas Karne.

He was dressed finely in a white shirt and dark trousers his hair swept right and piercing yellow eyes. At first I though he was a demon, there was a strange smell about him, later I would come to learn that that smell was the smell of kin. But back then it meant nothing to me only that it made me shiver. His mouth and part of the front of his shirt was dripping in deep red blood.

Most would scream at this, but I wasn’t frightened I was … intrigued. The figure approached me a cheeky smile on his lips, his eyes dazzling in the dimming light of day. “what are you doing out so late young miss?” his voice was enticing. “it’s not that late” I said defiantly. He looked amused slightly, “what’s your name young one?”. “I’m not that young … Reiksha” I answered “Reiksha …”he waited as if waiting for my last name, I looked down at the floor. “I don’t have a surname” I said embarrassed. When I looked up his eyes were kind his smile sympathetic, he lift his hand to my cheek and stroked it softly. “don’t worry little sister, one day you will see how truly special you are, and you belong to no one but yourself, trust me” his words stirred something in my soul and he turned to leave.

“Wait! Where are you going?” my voice sounded almost desperate, he turned back to look at me then. “don’t worry young one, our path’s will cross again” he winked and smiled and then left. Although he faced me as a threat now I still owed him a thank you, he was the one who helped me cope all of those years until I discovered the truth, his words had kept me strong.

I had heard rumour since of his abundant victories among the kin and the thought that I once saw him more powerful and dominant over me amused me greatly. Looking at him now I saw him as nothing more than a frightened child in my way. And no one gets in my way.

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