The Bank Under the Bridge

The legend of an immortal child, Jane, stuck in her form, never growing like the other kids or even the simple things that drive her mad like not getting bruises or scratches. Never being normal - forever. But there is a place where she can be herself, without anyone judging her, making fun of her, or telling her what to do-The Bank Under the Bridge. But what happens when her privacy in her special place is taken away from her? Find out in: The Bank Under the Bridge.

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3. Returning

I couldn't bring my self to a halt, if I could, I would continue to run; run for the rest of my life. My legs, the same, exactly the same, yet they were so... So fast. No one glanced at me, even though I was now sprinting at a tremendous speed. They didn't notice me, they were doing more than that. I was burning. The slit in my arm began to disappear but larger pains spread across my figure. Thousands gathered towards me, no longer caring about my speed, but the fact I was now collapsing on the floor, in searing pain. I was turning mortal. Upon all the broad bodies that were trapping my existence, my eyes fell upon one. Him.

The one time I could actually hold on to conciousness, for I was too frightened of falling under, he was still there. Fixing his eyes upon mine. Hoping I would cry for help. The crowd watched in wonder, but none in pain as I screamed through the agony my body was enduring. The 21st Century-no one cared that something unnatural was happening before their eyes, they just grabbed their smart phones and recorded the whole event, still unaware of the cause. My eyes still lay open, against the thousands of phones and flashings lights pouring in my direction. I thought again of the poem ringing in my ears, bellowing to the world yet no one heard a single word:

The only damage that can be done,

To the form of the immortal one,

A slit of a vein in the arm,

Thus the only harm,

That will save you one day,

From the beginning of the end.

The beginning of the end, the start of immortality, the end of your life. What was it now? The end of the beginning? I could not be too sure. There was no loop hole in this rhyme, just a warning that only two people in existence knew, maybe that's why Marshall, wanted me after all. Because I was the only one who could extend his knowledge. He would never find out now though, would he? I would be mortal. Again. How would I explain this to the world? I died, I was found in the streets turning into a mortal. Even an idiot could realise the in between stage meant some kind of immortality. But now the entire nation would know, as it spreads across YouTube, an overnight sensation, as others hunt me in my sleep.  

The crowd began to scream as Will stepped forward into the small ring of people surrounding me, they were scared that someone could make me do something weird and even more unnatural. He grabbed me by my legs and flung me over his shoulder, carrying me into the ally next to the one I earlier emerged from.

Then it hit me, what did he want with me in the first place? Why would he want me to be mortal? Whatever he wanted, it was too late now, there was no means of escape. I was in his grasp, literally. I gave in to the horrible thought, and entered the world of unconsciousness once again, hoping the pain would leave me for good.   



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