The Bank Under the Bridge

The legend of an immortal child, Jane, stuck in her form, never growing like the other kids or even the simple things that drive her mad like not getting bruises or scratches. Never being normal - forever. But there is a place where she can be herself, without anyone judging her, making fun of her, or telling her what to do-The Bank Under the Bridge. But what happens when her privacy in her special place is taken away from her? Find out in: The Bank Under the Bridge.

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4. Maybe Mortality

The pain had gone, the thirst had gone, the only thing that had not abandoned me was the scar on my arm. Footsteps, echoed throughout the entire world, it seemed, but only throughout the empty ally. "I hope you got a good rest." Will smiled, hoping not to startle me. He didn't, but his kindness did. I opened my mouth to speak but he just filled it with more words. "I know you are shocked, I'm meant to be all mean and scary. I was only playing the whole bad guy act so it would draw the attention away from you changing." Then I realised, I was mortal again. I would be able to feel pain. Which I did. "How did you-" "I know a guy." He responded, cheekily interrupting, as per usual. Then he used that smirk again. Bringing a small grin to my face. He knows a guy, that knows I live? Wow, talk about connections. "So why turn me mortal?" He didn't interrupt this time, there were barely any words to fill the silence... "I was scared." Scared of what? He was meant to be my friend and as far as I knew, he changed me, kidnapped me and scared me to death. "I'm human, not vampire, immortal. Human. I was scared that, that you would get to me before I could get to you. And, hurt me? Kill me? I don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I just wanted you to have a normal life again." What was I supposed to do now? Announce to the world: "Hey guys, I died, I went all vampire, changed back into  one of you, then showed myself again. No big deal!" I could see that going down well. "Look." He finally said, as if he knew exactly when my thoughts stopped. "We can always move schools, start a new life, no one will know anything."

New life, new friends, it's not like I had anything more to lose, was it? I nodded. "New life it is." As a temporary smile covered my face.

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