The Bank Under the Bridge

The legend of an immortal child, Jane, stuck in her form, never growing like the other kids or even the simple things that drive her mad like not getting bruises or scratches. Never being normal - forever. But there is a place where she can be herself, without anyone judging her, making fun of her, or telling her what to do-The Bank Under the Bridge. But what happens when her privacy in her special place is taken away from her? Find out in: The Bank Under the Bridge.

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5. Journey to the School in Atlanta

We were driving in Will's car, I'd never been good at car names and all but I knew this car was a BMW, I wasn't that useless. The journey to Atlanta was tiring, not that I was exactly active, but I kept dropping in and out of my sleep, poor Will had to drive the whole night. "I've applied you to the local high school," he awoke me, except I was really asleep. "South Sea High School, you start tomorrow." Will didn't go to school, or should I say he couldn't go to school. In the past few years, he has been to so many schools, so many different places but every time he tried, he got kicked out. So now, I guess he's just given up on the whole idea.

The hotel seemed, a bit too, upbeat when we eventually arrived. Pink walls, carpets, chandeliers, pink, well, everything! After a long while with two colours, black and red, this honestly burned my eyes. As long as they had two beds, a bathroom and food I would take anything. "How may I help you?" The lady gleamed as her teeth almost glistened. A brunette, but by her attitude, a blonde at heart. "Err... Booking for Will Jackson, 2 beds?" He said, obviously as gob-smacked about the place as I was. The receptionist's smile took a turn for the worst as she almost scowled at us. "Yeah, I see your booking, but I also see that you have refused all staff services, so I don't get a tip!" Her voice escalated as she eventually got much louder. Will, sighing, slipped a $10 note to the, now, bright red lady. "There. Get a... candy bar or something." His shoulders lifted up as he clasped the bag from the floor and headed towards the lift. "C'mon." I followed making sure I kept his mood intact before he got really annoyed.

After all I had been through today, the uplifting elevator music cheered me up even more than Will. I began to sing along. "Always look on the bright side of life. Doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. ALways look on the-" I was cut off by Will's deadly stare, that then turned into a small smile. I chose not to continue even though he wasn't mad, just in case.

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