The Bank Under the Bridge

The legend of an immortal child, Jane, stuck in her form, never growing like the other kids or even the simple things that drive her mad like not getting bruises or scratches. Never being normal - forever. But there is a place where she can be herself, without anyone judging her, making fun of her, or telling her what to do-The Bank Under the Bridge. But what happens when her privacy in her special place is taken away from her? Find out in: The Bank Under the Bridge.

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1. The Beginning of The End

I woke, I was cold, ever so cold, laying in a pool of my remains; still spreading across the concrete floor. The immortal one stood in front of me, lingering over my pathetic body as I gasped for air, water, or something else; something more painful and scarring to drink-blood. It was next to me, my eyes saw more clearly this time, the puddle was my blood, yet I still craved to have it; for it to be mine and savour everyone second of  the taste. Blood, the thought of it didn't seem that disgusting any more, it runs throughout our veins day and night, at least it used to.

My fingers traced the edges of my cheekbones, as if I was no longer me, I was a different person, a new me; a more fragile me. A vampire me. The pit of my throat was now an inferno, and if I didn't put it out soon enough, the pain will grow greater. He was no longer lingering over me, it was more of a pitiful glare, I thought carefully and planned my words, as I was now part of his family. "Why?" The ragged tone in my voice proved my thirst, and made my query seem, almost, desperate. His crimson eyes took a glance, not the kind that someone does when they're ignoring you, the kind when they're warning you to back off...

"Why?" I was shocked with his response. "Why? You ask?" He took a confident stride towards me and crouched to my height, obviously showing how worthless I am. "The war is starting, with or without you; you can be on the stronger side, or be tortured with those less fortunate." I understood that he didn't want me to respond, I simply acknowledged his response with a discreet nod. But this war he spoke of, was no ordinary war, if an army of our kind were to go against an opponent; then they would know our secret-who we really are. That meant only one thing; they were also vampires.

None of his had the agility, power and skill of more aged vampires, after all; we were only newborns. What chance did Marshall expect us to have? They'll step on us... Torment us... Sneak up on us... I could no longer think of  a land with too much and not enough power. My thirst has begun to grow. I turn my shoulders, and my head follows with them; Marshall has vanished-and so have the others. My eyes stare closely at the pavement below my feet, spotting the silhouette-and the knife making its way to my throat.


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