My Legacy

Something I wrote hope you like it.


1. Snow

I watch the snow fall and gently brush it watching it turn into water beneath my eyes.

"Mum can I go out in the snow" I ask.

"It's cold sweetie" my mother yells from the kitchen.

"Please mum" I whine.

"Fine but only for a few minutes but remember to wear your jacket" my mother replies. I creep out of the house and open the door a gust of cold wind welcomes me. I walk into the snow and watch my footprints remain still, stuck to the snow. My hands feel numb and I feel so cold I feel like I've been frozen but I smile in please. I throw a snowball and watch it land on a red haired boy head and watch him look confused wondering where had the snow ball come from.

"I'm sorry" I mumble shivering.

"It's ok good hit though are you cold do you want my jacket" the red haired kid asks.

"No it's ok I'm Flora" I exclaim I didn't need a jacket I loved snow.

"Michael please have this" Michael replies handing me his jacket suddenly I have a idea. A few hour later me and Michael have created a snow man with a little tummy and a big head. I take a carrot from the kitchen and run out placing it on the snow man nose. Michael hands me two buttons which I push into the snow man head forming his eyes. I take out a packet of raisins and make a happy face. Then I push Michael jacket onto the snow man.

"Wow it's amazing" Michael exclaims smile.

"It's the best snow man ever" I reply nodding my head. Suddenly Michael stop smiling and looks worried.

"What's wrong" I asked.

"I have a homework to write about our legacy and I don't know what to write" Michael complains.

"That's easy write that our legacy is to be a child were only a child one and we must enjoy it to our most" I reply smartly. Before Michael can reply I throw a snowball at him and start running. He smiled then starts chasing me with a snowball.

Your only a kid and your legacy is to make the most of your childhood remember you only have childhood for a while then you have to be mature. Enjoy the most of being a child cause soon you will be an adult and will have to work hard.


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