Kill Me Silently (Completed)

Detective Chealsea Keller has been given a special case. A string of murders have happened and the only witness is a girl... The only problem is, that girl is mute.


4. What's Up With This?

I strode into the interrogation room, shutting the door behind me and propping my briefcase up against the table. I studied the girl in front of me, her hair was in a long braid swinging down to her mid back, her gaze intense and focused.

I cleared my throat,"So you've been caught on camera at quite a few crime scenes, we've noted that you wear a button shaped accessory on the days of the murders, why?" I asked curiously.

I handed her a pen and paper, then she relaxed, grabbing the pen and placing it at the top of the page, point in line. Just as she was about to write, her expression morphed to one of uncertainty, she looked to me for encouragement also her eyes darting to something behind me. But what she saw made the colour in her face slowly drain and she dropped the pen, her hand shaking. She quickly hid her horror by shifting her eyes but I'd already noticed. I quickly spun around just as Chief was leaving the watch zone. What happened there? Whatever that was... I faced the girl again and she had pulled her knees to her chest and began rocking back and forth on the chair. Her eyes stared at the table, unblinking and wide. I wanted to break the uncomfortable silence,"What was that with Chief?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. At Chief's name she visibly tensed and she curled up even further, almost burrowing her head into her legs. "I'm not stupid kid, either you can tell me, or I get him to come in and we can have circle time,"I muttered with a flat expression. At that she choked up and started to sob, no one was in the watch zone so no one could see her except me. She whispered so quickly and quietly I almost missed it,"It's him, he's got something to do with the killings. Don't tell him I told you, or i'm dead. Please."Her face contorted in agony as I realised what had happened. She was being threatened to keep silent, by I suspect, Chief. Huh. It makes sense now... The nerves I saw on him in my office, his quick exit and the flash of fright in the girl's eyes when she saw him. Now all we have to do is find out why. And I think Chief has the answer.

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